Mexico’s agricultural exports hit a new high in 2020
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   Mexico’s “The Economist” reported on February 5 that, according to statistics from the Mexican Central Bank, Mexico’s agricultural exports totaled US$18.683 billion in 2020, an increase of 5%from US$17.8 billion in 2019, achieving the 11th consecutive year of growth. Vegetables, fruits and beverages are the main export products, accounting for 60%of the total export value of agricultural products.
  The most value-added products include:grapefruit 19.1%, berry 18.4%, pineapple 12.7%, orange 11.7%, mango 5.6%, papaya 4.3%and banana 1%.
  The top eight products with total export value are:avocado 2.93 billion USD, berry 1.988 billion USD, red tomato 1.902 billion USD, strawberry 750 million USD, lemon 487 million USD, cucumber 425 million USD, and mango 335 million USD And asparagus for $305 million.