McDonald’s China launches”Members Create Different Menu”
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   (February 4, 2021, Shanghai) Recently, McDonald’s China announced the launch of the”Members’ Creative Menu”, through the creative and interesting The ingredients are matched to create a limited new product, which will launch an exclusive delicacy for McDonald’s members on a designated date each month. The limited product of the”Members’ Creative Menu” in February is Dirty Rice Cake Wheat Whirlwind, which will be available in designated restaurants on February 15.

  ”We hope to continue to bring fresh and delicious products to McDonald’s members through the creativity and R&D of new products.” McDonald’s China CEO Zhang Jiayin said,”Z Generations of young people have become the main consumption force of McDonald’s members. They are curious about new things, daring to try, and like surprises. The’different’ in the member’s creative menu represents creativity and difference. We invite members to experience different from the classic McDonald’s. The novelty and deliciousness of the products, together with a taste of McDonald’s industry leadership in the field of new product research and development.”

   In 2020, McDonald’s China launched a total of more than 160 new products, including the”Wheat Crisp Chicken” that was successfully launched on the market. New products developed in the market. In January 2021, the first member-limited product”Youbo Lazi Xindi” launched by”Members’ Creative Menu” also received a very high degree of discussion on social media. The year-round limited new products of the”Members’ Creative Menu” will cover multiple categories such as burgers, desserts, snacks, etc., with creative ingredients and production techniques, and invite all members to explore innovative flavors together.

   As of January 2021, the total number of registered members of McDonald’s China has exceeded 160 million. McDonald’s has created”Weekly Member Day” and”88 Golden Powder Festival” for members. A series of exclusive activities bring members value-for-money delicacy. In the future, McDonald’s members will be the first to taste brand-new products developed by McDonald’s China through the”Members’ Creative Menu”.

   The limited product of the “Members’ Creative Menu” in February is Dirty Rice Cake Wheat Tornado, which ingeniously combines McDonald’s classic product Wheat Tornado with traditional Chinese ingredients. The unique taste of ice cream. The product launch coincides with the fourth day of the Lunar New Year. McDonald’s China hopes to use the good meaning of”New Year” in rice cakes, and wish all McDonald’s members a happy Chinese New Year. From February 9th to 15th, McDonald’s members can receive the electronic voucher for Dirty Rice Cake and Wheat Tornado via the”i McDonald’s WeChat Mini Program”,”McDonald’s App” or”McDonald’s Alipay Life Account” on the membership day event page on the day of the event. You can get the product free of charge after any consumption in the restaurant with the coupon.