Manzhouli City launches food safety inspection during the Spring Festival
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   the Spring Festival is approaching, the Manzhouli City Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment combines the actual work, earnestly fulfills its supervisory duties, and continues to implement food safety work in a normalized epidemic prevention and control situation. Effectively protect and improve people’s livelihood, and ensure that the people live a happy and peaceful New Year.

   One is to attach great importance to food safety issues. Strengthen organization and leadership, conduct careful deployment, strengthen supervision measures, and refine the division of tasks to ensure that responsibilities, measures and implementation are in place, and regional and systemic risks are strictly prevented to ensure the food safety of the people in the city during the Spring Festival. The second is not to relax and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. The law enforcement detachment has always tightened the string of epidemic prevention and control, and continued to do a good job of”external defense input and internal defense rebound” to effectively protect the health and life of the people. Since New Year’s Day, 178 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched, 89 merchants have been inspected, 5580 inspections of food and food packaging, and 489 employees of catering and cold chain sales have been inspected. Supervise and urge merchants to implement their main responsibilities and take various epidemic prevention and control measures. Distribute epidemic prevention and control propaganda materials to merchants and sign the”Food Safety Commitment”; post the”Notice on Implementing the Main Responsibilities of Epidemic Prevention and Control and Food Safety”, prohibit entry without masks, etc., and urge merchants to ventilate, Elimination, temperature measurement and other tasks. The third is to continue to carry out market supervision and inspection. On the one hand, carry out daily supervision and inspection work to standardize the operation and management behavior of market merchants. Up to now, 303 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to inspect 566 merchants, and the business licenses of small workshops, catering, markets and supermarkets, health certificates of employees, account books and claims Conduct inspections on certificates and ticket requests; check the cancellation and business status of market entities, keep abreast of market developments, and carry out risk assessment and quantitative grading for small workshops, shops, catering services and other merchants. On the other hand, strengthen the supervision and management of cold chain food, promote the use of”Mongolian cold chain” applet, and ensure that the source of cold chain food can be traced, whereabouts can be traced, and problems can be investigated. Since New Year’s Day, we have continued to strengthen the management of cold chain food, and ensure that the entire process of purchase-landing-filing-disinfection-sales is traceable; inspection of cold chain food such as meat and seafood, and static and dynamic risk assessment of food sales After the gate was moved forward, a total of about 340 tons of 297 vehicles of cold chain food were inspected and registered, of which about 9.5 tons of imported cold chain food were imported into the centralized supervision warehouse. The fourth is to strengthen inspections in key areas. On the one hand, highlight the safety supervision of key varieties, and comprehensively strengthen the food safety supervision of the circulation link. Carry out food safety inspections with”six inspections and six observations” as the main content, implement daily inspections and standards, implement special rectifications, implement joint law enforcement to achieve results, strictly regulate food quality access behavior, and highlight grain, oil, poultry, eggs, and The inspection of key varieties of its products, dairy products and children’s food, so as to ensure that the inspection does not leave dead ends, and effectively ensure the quality of the food. On the other hand, strengthen supervision and inspection of key areas, and comprehensively investigate hidden food safety hazards. Take supermarkets, catering markets and small workshops as key places, order rectifications for hidden food safety hazards discovered and review the rectification results in a timely manner to ensure that the rectifications are implemented in detail; Shangri-La Hotel, Diplomatic Hall, Matryoshka Port Hotel and other places Supervised and inspected, and focused on a comprehensive inspection of the Shangri-La Hotel, which has contracted the”New Year’s Eve Dinner”, to ensure the safety of the purchased raw materials and ensure the safety of food during the festival.