Luo Jinhui, General Manager of Baiyue Newbeinengsu Brand:Analysis of Brand Building and Marketing of Dairy Enterprises
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  Xi’an Baiyue Goat Milk Group Co., Ltd. Baiyue Newbeineng Su brand general manager Luo Jinhui

Looking at the current situation, the competition among dairy companies is intensifying! The prevalence of online shopping is affecting the habits of consumers. New concepts are emerging in an endless stream. How to find the essence of dairy brands through public insights into dairy brands and competitor insights has become a problem for companies to think about. At present, the quality of each layer is checked. And brand-driven sales have become the key value of dairy companies!
   Then where is the brand value reflected? What is the goal of brand building? In fact, in a word, it is the recognition of consumers and become the first choice in the minds of consumers! When consumers want to buy milk powder, the first thing they think of is you. To do this, you must work hard on brand differentiation! Pervasive differentiation is the first step for consumer recognition! Once there is a demand, the first step is the brand.
  So, where is the value of the brand? What is the goal of brand building? In a word, it is to become the first choice of target customers. When consumers want to buy a certain type of product, the first thing they think of is your brand. To achieve this, it is necessary to find a way to embed the company’s brand differentiation positioning into the long-term memory of consumers, making consumers linger. Once there is a demand, they immediately think of the characteristics of the brand. Only in this way can companies have a foothold and will not become a shell brand with only reputation and no loyalty.
  The establishment of a brand image is a long-term management accumulation process. Through the consistency of the visual image, the audience can form a precipitation of the brand image in the long-term process and deepen the understanding of the brand. In this process, visual consistency is mainly reflected in the fact that the visual carrier of the brand’s contact with the audience is consistent with the brand culture and concept. In this process, consumers directly recognize brand values, concepts and other brand elements through the brand’s visual carrier. This requires the establishment of a brand communication system and interactive communication with consumers.
   Then, how to use a communication theme to communicate the concept of the brand with consumers? Now only take Xi’an Baiyue Goat Milk Group”titled high-speed rail” as an example for analysis.
   After rapid development in recent years, my country’s high-speed railway has an operating mileage of approximately 38,000 kilometers, ranking first in the world. The coverage rate of high-speed rail in cities with a population of 1 million and above reaches 95%. China’s high-speed rail has become a national business card for its”fast speed, wide coverage and high safety factor”.
   As the departure station of the named train, Xi’an North Station mainly handles Zhengxi, Xibao, Daxi, Xicheng, Baoxi, Yinxi high-speed rail medium and long-distance trains starting and ending operations, as well as the Xicheng high-speed rail to Zhengxi, Daxi and Baoxi high-speed trains pass through operations. Via Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Xuzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou and other cities, finally arrive in Shanghai, the total running time is 7 hours and 15 minutes. Other trains released in this advertisement cover Shaanxi, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Yunnan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian and other provinces and the three municipalities directly under the Central Government of Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. , The total number of stopover cities reaches more than 300.
   Baiyue Goat Milk Group has invested nearly 10 million, covering Harmony, Fuxing, and multi-line combination releases, forming a mobile marketing matrix that traverses east and west, north and south, just for the brand concept of 35 years of deep cultivation of goat milk Passing to all corners of the motherland, realizing China’s intelligent manufacturing and efficient dissemination of national brands, it also marks that Baiyue Goat Milk Group will continue to adhere to ingenuity and quality while increasing brand investment and shifting to the dual drive of quality brands.
  Why should we invest in building a high-speed rail advertising network? The market survey found that when it comes to milk powder, mothers first consider safety. Nowadays, the shopping psychology of”the more expensive the better” has also seriously affected mothers’ rational judgment of milk powder, so expensive foreign milk powder has become the first choice of mothers. Believing that Baiyue Newbeinengsu is a domestic brand with a low-end brand image and does not trust the quality of its products. In addition, at this stage, consumers have already experienced consumption fatigue with aggressive purchases, discounts and other promotional methods, and they need to be driven by branding. The naming this time has greatly changed consumers’ brand perception of Neobenens. At the level of corporate brand building, it is mainly to meet the needs of Baiyue’s brand development strategy. At the same time, through naming and simultaneous promotion of offline stores, the company’s existing resources are further integrated to maximize the communication effect, drive the sales of high-end products, and enhance the product structure.
  The high-speed rail advertisement was launched to achieve a two-way increase in brand and sales.
  Preliminary campaign:online and offline, high-profile appearance
  Online, the high-speed rail made its debut to create momentum. With the help of news media, the awareness of the event was quickly increased in the short term.
  ”Online promotion, offline activity follow-up” has become one of the most effective ways to promote dairy products.
  For an event, the early stage of building momentum is very important. Everything is difficult to start. The success of the early stage activities will directly affect the follow-up of the event, and affect the confidence and determination of the decision-makers and executives of the company. Affect the success or failure of this promotion.
  When TV and the Internet have become an indispensable part of our lives, the impact of online voice on consumers is particularly important; consumers need credible media to endorse the quality of enterprises and brands, and consumers need more Interactive communication with companies and brands; the effective combination of online and offline promotion activities can solve this problem!
  Online promotion cooperates with offline activities to quickly and accurately convey information to consumers, and cleverly integrate brand information into marketing activities to fully disseminate it to achieve the goal.
   Offline, the company specifically designed the corresponding high-speed rail advertisement for this high-speed rail naming, and replaced the display in the store! Arouse consumers’ curiosity, stimulate their enthusiasm, and cause consumers to recognize and purchase products.
   Take advantage of the momentum:take advantage of consumer word-of-mouth hype
   Through the first round of activities to build momentum, it has already won people’s attention. The next step is to let more target consumers go to the terminal and buy money.
   Terminal image promotion is one of the most effective ones. The marketing of theme terminals is to systematically and effectively configure terminal resources, establish terminal data networks, and gradually use market consumption as a platform to establish executable and interactive customers. Group relationship, using its own small-scale superiority, get rid of the pressure of competition, independently carry out terminal operation, change passive to active, form terminal system construction, promote competition for the core position of marketing activities, and extend to the forefront of marketing. Baiyue Goat Milk integrates terminal resources through the”high-speed rail advertising naming” activity, and packs the terminal image, including posters, folding pages, stackers, jump cards, card inserts, etc., and cooperates with terminal advertising media to create terminal consumption Atmosphere, to achieve the purpose of independent propaganda.
   Parent-child carnivals, hi shopping seasons, goat milk festivals, etc. are held in the national market. At the same time, online product training (product knowledge, sales skills, common sales questions and answers, etc. courses), Baoma group sharing and answering, etc., will be used to provide post-service and maintenance services and indirectly enhance brand influence. Increase loyalty and enhance brand reputation.
  Take advantage of the trend:terminal sales are back to climax
   Corresponding activities and subsequent service support have been recognized and actively participated by consumers, and market sales have also formed a strong upward momentum. The next thing you need is to take advantage of the trend, take advantage of the victory, and add fire to the previous foundation.
  Activity sprint, business-business alliance, help terminal-business-business alliance, support policies, arouse dealers and customers’ enthusiasm to participate in activities, and achieve brand and product promotion.
   From the perspective of competition, thematic event marketing has risen to brand competition, which shows the further expansion and maintenance of consumer interests. In short, dairy companies need to use more integrated communication methods to encourage consumers to establish the core of the corporate brand Value recognition not only uses the innovation and development, consolidation and development of products, channels, promotions and other marketing methods, but also allows the core value of the brand to be implemented in the product, accumulates brand equity, and adds points to the brand!