Lu’an City Market Supervision Bureau launches New Year’s Eve food safety inspection
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   In order to ensure the food safety of”New Year’s Eve dinner” under the normalized conditions of epidemic prevention and control, on February 5, a member of the Party Group of the Lu’an Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Food Safety Office The full-time deputy director led a team to inspect the food safety of the”New Year’s Eve dinner” in the urban area.

The inspection team of    successively came to the old town’s Jilonghe Road store, Peninsula Harbor Hotel and some restaurants in Wuyue Plaza to learn more about the”New Year’s Eve dinner” reservations of each catering unit The number of tables, the average price per table, the number of people dining, the maximum supply of the hotel, and the implementation of epidemic prevention and control; on-site inspections of kitchen environmental sanitation, food processing, food raw material storage, cleaning and disinfection of tableware, etc., and reviewed””New Year’s Eve Dinner” recipes and food safety-related emergency plans. For issues such as irregular food processing operations and incomplete requests for food purchase tickets found during the inspection, feedback was made on the spot and required immediate rectification.

The    inspection team emphasized that the first is to implement the traceability management of food materials to ensure the quality of food materials is safe and reliable. The second is to actively carry out training of employees, increase food safety awareness, regulate food processing operations, and prevent cross-contamination. The third is to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures and strictly control the number of people dining. In principle, the number of people at each table should not exceed 10, and should not exceed 70%of the normal reception volume. The fourth is to strictly implement the management requirements for imported cold chain food, and strictly prohibit imported cold chain food without”four certificates and one code” or from unknown sources from entering the catering consumption link. Fifth, it is necessary to strengthen publicity and education, advocate honest management, guide consumers to eat in a civilized, rational consumption, and stop food waste. Ensure that the people spend a safe, peaceful and healthy Spring Festival.

The    inspection team also inspected the cold chain food operation of the Nanmen Farmers’ Market.