Lu’an City Market Supervision Bureau inspects and guides food safety in school cafeterias for the spring school
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   On February 23, Wang Hongchun, a member of the Party Group of Lu’an Market Supervision Bureau and full-time deputy director of the Municipal Food Safety Office, led a team to Jin’an and Yu’an Districts for inspections Guide food safety work in school canteens during the spring school under normalized epidemic prevention and control conditions. The person in charge of the market supervision and education departments of Jin’an District and Yu’an District accompanied the inspection.

The    inspection team randomly inspected the cafeterias of Maotanchang Middle School Eastern New Town Branch, Shuanghe Middle School, Yu’an Middle School, and No. 9 Middle School. Learn more about the deployment and implementation of various food safety tasks in schools and cafeterias after the start of the spring semester, focusing on the school cafeteria food safety related management system, health management of employees, food purchase inspection and certification and ticketing system, tableware cleaning and disinfection, food retention Whether the sample meets the requirements. Through the inspection, it was found that most schools were able to earnestly implement the main responsibility for food safety, organize food safety self-inspections before the beginning of school, and eliminate food safety hazards in a timely manner. However, some school canteens have problems such as the expiration of the health certificate of the practitioners, the irregularity of the morning inspection records, the incomplete”three prevention” facilities, the breakage of the wall and the irregular food samples. For the existing problems, the inspection team issued a list of problems and required relevant units to make rectifications in place within 10 days. If the rectification is not in place, a case will be filed and investigated according to law.

   Wang Hongchun emphasized that school food safety work must be highly valued, and the main responsibility for food safety must be fully implemented. First, food safety self-examination must be carried out seriously, and environmental sanitation and processing equipment, Complete cleaning and disinfection of tableware, etc.; second, increase capital investment, and do a good job in the update, maintenance and management of business premises and facilities; third, strict epidemic prevention and control, and health barriers for employees, employees must hold valid health certificates Induction. Fourth, we must strictly implement supervision responsibilities. The market supervision departments of all counties and districts should work with education, health, public security and other departments to conduct a comprehensive investigation of school canteens (including kindergartens) in their jurisdictions one by one, make a list of problems, immediately make corrections in place, and supervise school canteens Implement a food safety system to ensure the safety of meals for teachers and students; fifth, we must strengthen publicity, advocate civilized meals, and stop food waste.