Loudi Municipal Market Supervision Bureau held a centralized meeting on regulating market price behavior
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   On February 4th, the Loudi Market Supervision Bureau held a centralized meeting on regulating market price behaviors, and conducted consultations on large and medium-sized chain supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacies, and catering stores within its jurisdiction. 44 business units, including passenger transportation companies, conducted intensive interviews.

   This centralized interview will integrate laws and regulations publicity, annual guard mobilization, reminders and warnings. At the meeting, a brochure of relevant laws and regulations was distributed, price policy publicity was strengthened, and price behavior self-discipline of market operators were advocated; the”New Year Pass Guard (2021)” action plan was announced and all parties were mobilized to actively participate in the New Year Pass guard action. Zhonglai, together to maintain a stable and orderly price market order; interpreted the”Interim Regulations on Regulating Promotional Behaviors” issued by the State Administration of Market Supervision, and made detailed explanations on key terms such as discounts and price reductions by operators; read out The”Reminder and Warning Letter Regarding the Regulation of Market Price Behavior during the New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival” was issued to clarify the specific responsibilities of each unit operating daily necessities and anti-epidemic materials, service industries, tourist attractions and scenic spots to regulate price behavior.

   In order to effectively maintain the market price order during the New Year’s Pass, the Loudi Market Supervision Department has established a special market price supervision leading group, with a reminder group and market supervision Team, Passenger Transport Supervision Team, and Emergency Handling Team, assign responsibilities to people, check and accept work results in stages and time nodes, and clearly focus on famous liquor, agricultural and sideline products, epidemic prevention materials, transportation and tourism, hotels, hotels, e-commerce platforms, etc. In this area, we will strictly investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations, such as failure to clearly mark prices, drive up prices, increase prices in disguise, collusion, collusion to increase prices, and price fraud, and increase price supervision and law enforcement to form a powerful deterrent and strive to create a safe market consumption environment.

   The meeting required to improve the position, fully understand the significance of regulating market prices from the height of ensuring stability, promoting development, and benefiting people’s livelihood; establish internal price management Long-term mechanism, emergency response mechanism, and other systems, persevere in operating honestly and legally; market supervision departments will severely crack down in accordance with the law and expose severe price violations and violations of the public’s strong feedback, and disclose untrustworthy behaviors through the national credit information sharing platform. .

At the    meeting, 6 business units made statements. Through intensive interviews, the market operators’ awareness of price behavior has been greatly enhanced. Participants expressed that they would consciously abide by laws and policies, consciously obey supervision, and independently set prices in accordance with the principles of fairness, lawfulness, and honesty and credibility, and contribute to a good holiday market consumption environment.