Liuzhou held a food safety work situation analysis meeting to study and deploy key food safety tasks in 2021
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   On February 25, Liuzhou City held a food safety work situation analysis meeting. Lu Liuping, deputy mayor of the Municipal People’s Government, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Li Rui, deputy secretary-general of the Municipal People’s Government, presided over the meeting. The Municipal Party Committee Supervision and Performance Office, the relevant municipal food safety departments, and the heads of the people’s governments of counties and districts attended the meeting.
   The meeting notified the city’s food safety complaints and reports, food safety sampling and monitoring, campus food safety, and administrative law enforcement in 2020. The Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, the Municipal Health Commission, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, and the Municipality The Forestry and Landscape Bureau and Liuzhou Customs respectively analyzed the hidden dangers of food safety and put forward work recommendations. The meeting pointed out that in 2020, all counties, districts and departments will conscientiously implement the work arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, follow the”four strictest” and epidemic prevention and control requirements, strengthen food safety supervision, strictly adhere to the bottom line of quality and safety, and ensure the city’s food The security situation is basically stable, providing strong support for epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. However, food safety risks still exist:problems such as pesticide and veterinary drug residues, illegal additions, excessive use of food additives, excessive heavy metals, and microbial contamination are more prominent; the problems of many, small, scattered, and low food producers and operators are obvious, and the foundation of food safety is weak. ;”Five-Mao Food” and over 50 people in rural areas are not adequately supervised. In this regard, all counties, districts and departments must attach great importance to it and take strong measures to solve it.
  Lu Liuping emphasized in his speech that this year is the beginning of the”14th Five-Year Plan” period. The”Four Strict Requirements” put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping should be implemented well, political position should be improved, and the sense of responsibility for food safety should be enhanced. Sense of urgency, adhere to problem orientation, solve outstanding food safety issues that people care about, and promote high-level food safety governance. The focus should be on the following eight tasks:strictly implement the centralized supervision of imported cold chain food in Liuzhou; carry out actions to reduce the use of pesticides and veterinary drugs and to clean up the environment of the production area; carry out catering quality and safety improvement actions; carry out campus food safety protection actions; continue to develop rural food Safety rectification actions; continue to carry out food safety demonstrations; severely crack down on food safety violations and crimes; strengthen Liuzhou snail powder industry chain product quality supervision. Food safety concerns the health and life safety of the people. All counties, districts and departments must conscientiously perform their duties and responsibilities, dare to grasp and manage, comprehensively complete the various goals and tasks of food safety, and effectively protect the public’s food safety, so as to provide a strong foundation for the smooth start of the”14th Five-Year Plan” and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. Security guarantee.