Liu Ling, General Manager of Brand Management Department of Mengniu Group Marketing Department:Mengniu Brand Building Sharing
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  Mengniu Group Marketing Department Brand Management Department General Manager Liu Ling

   Dear leaders and guests, good afternoon everyone, I am very happy to have this opportunity to share Mengniu’s brand building experience with you.

   Mengniu was born on the prairie of Inner Mongolia in 1999. Mengniu people set out from a house of only 53 square meters, with the original intention of”a catty of milk a day will strengthen the Chinese” For more than 20 years, we have continued to strive to provide good nutrition for every consumer. Today, Mengniu has been ranked 1116 among Chinese dairy companies from its inception to the top 8 in the global dairy industry, with a market value of 200 billion yuan and a brand value of over 46 billion yuan.”Mengniu Speed” has become a banner of Chinese companies.

   In order to meet the nutritional needs of consumers, Mengniu has 6 major categories and more than 400 products, covering room temperature, low temperature, ice, fresh milk, milk powder, cheese. Every year, more than 1 billion consumers choose Mengniu products. It is the love of countless consumers that inspires 40,000 Mengniu people to continue to surpass.”Consumer first, first first” is one of Mengniu’s core values. We hope to obtain the ultimate satisfaction of consumers, and hope that every ordinary person can get nutrition and nourishment, and bloom the glory of life.

  We hope to provide babies with better nutrition and help babies grow up healthily. Mengniu’s milk powder brand Rui Buen focused on China’s breast milk research and launched a series of breast-feeding milk powder, achieving a significant increase in the similarity to breast milk fat system from 50%to 90%. The Bellamy brand under Mengniu was founded in Tasmania, Australia. It is an organic brand that countless mothers are familiar with and trust.

   We care about the growth of young people. In the past 20 years, the average height of Chinese young people has increased by 6 cm. The average height of 19-year-old young people has now reached the first place in East Asia. Mengniu continues to innovate products. In the future, Xingshuang original pure milk will scientifically mix Schizochytrium algae powder in dairy cow feed, so that the milk will have its own DHA and give children more natural and rare nutrition.

   We care about family nutrition and happiness. Mengniu products have a penetration rate of more than 90%in Chinese households, providing nutrition and deliciousness to the daily lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese families. We develop more targeted scientific formulas to help the health of the elderly. In response to the common osteoporosis, constipation, high blood sugar and other problems of the elderly, Mengniu Yourui uses a more targeted formula to help them”be young to the bone”.

   We care about athletes. In 2018, Mengniu became the global official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup. Together with football superstar Messi, we vividly explained the spirit of”I am not born strong, I am just born strong” . We are concerned about China’s aerospace industry and have provided space-quality milk for astronauts and every consumer for 17 consecutive years. We pay attention to the growth of children in poverty-stricken areas. Since 2002, Mengniu has actively participated in the student milk program and formulated Mengniu’s nutrition inclusive program. It donates 4.8 million boxes of student milk each year to help children in poverty-stricken areas get rid of poverty. We pay attention to the warriors on the front line of disaster relief. In the face of the new crown epidemic, Mengniu donated 740 million yuan in funds and materials, and tens of thousands of employees have invested in the front line to send nutritional supplies to medical staff and protect the nutrition and health of the people.

   Mengniu people believe that “fantasies can only be created”, and in the face of new consumption and new opportunities, they promote brand upgrading through innovation and development. Mengniu was born with its own innovative genes. It was the first to produce Bailibao packaging in 1999 when it was founded. It expanded its sales radius, solved the problem of milk transportation from north to south, and led the popularization of milk in China.”Not all milk is called Deluxe Milk.” Deluxe Milk is a high-end brand of Mengniu. With high-quality milk sources and high-standard production technology, it has opened the prelude to the Chinese dairy industry’s high-end milk market and created gold medal milk. In 2018, Deluxe was the first to market the dream cap product, which changed the way of drinking with straws in the past, opened a new packaging form that is easy to carry, and solved a lot of waste caused by not resealing milk after opening. Zhenguo Li is the world’s first milk drink containing chewable fruit pieces launched by Mengniu in 2006. It has three independent intellectual property rights in the world and is a nutritious drink that is more suitable for the Chinese diet. Mengniu has developed China’s first breast milk-derived probiotic M8 for 13 years, filling the gap in China’s breast milk-derived bifidobacteria. This also enables our low-temperature products to better protect the intestinal health of Chinese people. In the fresh milk category, Mengniu launched the Daily Fresh Milk brand to create desert organic fresh milk, create excellent A2β fresh milk for babies who drink fresh milk for the first time, and set a”new benchmark for high-end fresh milk.”

   At the marketing level, post-00s and post-90s have gradually become the main consumer in the market, so the young market will become a key breakthrough point for brand marketing. How to communicate with young people, Mengniu uses sports marketing to create a home stadium for young people by cooperating with sports events such as the World Cup and the Super League, passing on the concept of drinking more milk and exercising to consumers; Mengniu is also actively engaged in entertainment marketing, leading the younger market , From”Super Girl” to”Yearing for Life”,”Youth Have You”,”Creation Camp”, etc., deepen emotional communication with consumers and improve brand awareness; in the field of animation, Mengniu and Guoman”Nezha” 》”Jiang Ziya”,”The Great Sage”, etc.; in the game field, Mengniu and”Glory of the King” cooperate; on the cross-border level of the brand, Mengniu and the Forbidden City, Jiang Xiaobai and other brands are co-branded. Because Niu is Mengniu’s unique brand asset, Mengniu has also created its own IP Niu Mengmeng, which has been spread through the national comics and college entrance examination milk, so that Niu Mengmeng made his debut and was also loved by young consumers.

   Back to today’s conference theme, how to build a brand of dairy products in the new era. Mengniu will focus on consumers, lead innovation, adapt to changes, actively embrace young people, create a truly influential Chinese dairy brand in the world, exert its brand power, and promote the high-quality development of the dairy industry, thereby making China a global dairy industry leader. Strong country.

   Thank you all!