Liu Chunxi, Vice President of Yili:Focusing on consumers, leading a new era of China’s dairy industry
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   In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, to implement the “Focus on Quality Brands” proposed in the “14th Five-Year Plan”, to promote the development of green, healthy and safe consumption, and to encourage new consumption models and new The development goal of”business format development”, summarize and exchange the advanced experience of implementing the strategy of improving quality, increasing variety, and creating brand”three products”, play the leading role of typical brand building experience, cultivate and strengthen well-known brands in the industry, and explore new ideas for dairy brand cultivation under the new situation , To build a harmonious and healthy dairy market order. On February 1, 2021, the China Dairy Industry Association held an online conference on”Focus on the influence of Chinese dairy brands and jointly build a harmonious and healthy dairy market order”. Representatives of mainstream brands in the dairy industry shared their experience and experience in brand building from different perspectives. We will successively publish thematic reports of the guests and share them with you.

  Liu Chunxi, Vice President of Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

   Dear leaders, distinguished guests, and friends online, good afternoon! I am very happy to gather here to discuss development, share experience, and make suggestions for a harmonious and healthy dairy market order.

   used to be a long time, due to technical barriers, for most consumers, dairy products were still scarce, and the consumer brand concept was weak. Now with the popularization of ultra-high temperature sterilization technology and the efficient operation of logistics, China’s dairy industry has ushered in a flourishing prosperity. When consumers choose products, they are more inclined to brands, continuously improving brand influence and increasing consumers’ attention to brands. It has become an inevitable choice for the development of dairy companies. As the top 5 in the global dairy industry and the leader in China’s dairy industry, Yili has always adhered to the consumer-centered concept and has been a favorite fan of consumers. It has won the love of consumers and its brand image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

   Over the years, Yili has adhered to the corporate creed that Yili is quality, and regards quality as life, provides consumers with the most satisfactory service experience, and promotes the development of Chinese dairy industry. In this era, I will share in detail from the four aspects of soft power, brand power, innovation power and driving power.

  The first soft power spreads the high pattern, corporate culture represents the spirit of enterprise, and is also an important soft power for the development and growth of the company. Yili believes that all lives need to be nourished. Only in order to show the colorful vitality to the world, in order to bring rich nutrition support to everyone, Yili people are working tirelessly towards the vision of becoming the world’s most trustworthy health food provider, just as the chairman of Yili Group Pan Gang said , Be the Yili people first, and then do the Yili business. If we want to produce good products, we must first build a good character. In Yili, we pursue excellent quality, strive to be better, take responsibility, ensure that our mission is fulfilled, innovate, and continuously have innovative value. To achieve a win-win situation for all parties, embrace diversity, and respect and trust each other.

  The Yili culture engraved in the bones of the Yili people gathers all people into a flowing river, breaking through difficulties and obstacles, and leading China’s dairy industry to a broader market and making it global The future of the dairy industry in China has gradually become a reality.

  Secondly, brand power achieves good performance. Only when consumers recognize corporate cultural values ​​and recognize corporate products and services can corporate brand influence continue to rise and performance Achieve steady growth. In the list of the top 20 global dairy industry in 2020 announced by ABN AMRO, Yili has entered the top 5 global dairy industry and ranked first in the Asian dairy industry for seven consecutive years. In 2021, Yili has become one of the top 200 global brands in terms of global brand value. As the only Chinese food brand, Yili has been ranked first among the brands most chosen by consumers in the Chinese market for five consecutive years. Brand power is purchasing power. In 2020, under the economic downturn at home and abroad, Yili’s total operating income in the first three quarters was 73.77 billion yuan, an increase of 7.42%, and net profit was 6.044 billion yuan, an increase of 7%, showing a steady growth against the trend. To achieve continuous growth in total operating income. Among them, Yili’s liquid milk business unit has the largest market share for seven consecutive years, and its brand penetration rate has ranked first for six consecutive years, ranking first in the industry. The cold beverage business unit has accumulated more than 1,000 products on the market, ranking first in the industry for 28 consecutive years of production and sales. Yili Xinhuo, Yili Changqing, Yili Changyi and other brands once again ranked first in the category.

   For a long time, Yili has adhered to the consumer-centered concept and continued to cultivate the dairy industry to meet the segmented needs of more consumers. The Shuhua lactose-free milk developed by consumers is a delightful ice cream for fans of the national tide. QQ Star, Xinhuo and other items for consumers of different ages to choose from, it is worth mentioning that 2020 A certain Yili brand cooperated with heavily funded brands, such as Anmuxi, Golden Classic, and Grain Duo, to take the first place in market segments, and the brand influence of the entire product line continued to increase effectively.

   Third, innovation is to explore high quality. As time goes by, economic development and consumer demand change with each passing day, and consumers also propose higher and more specific product quality. In order to make consumers eat healthier and happier, Yili established an Oceania production base in New Zealand and acquired Cui Shilan, the second largest dairy company in New Zealand, to bring consumers high-quality raw materials. We are in Asia, Europe and other places. Actively deploy an innovative research and development center, and continuously optimize the nutritional formula of infant formula milk powder. The function of the Golden Collar Crown series milk powder is continuously improved. At the same time, the Yili cereal milk family is also growing. An Muxi coriander-flavored yogurt challenges the taste buds of consumers. Consumers create more experiences. In addition, we continue to make technological changes and adopt sustainable packaging to embrace the new concept of organic life with consumers.

   Yili also continues to promote marketing innovation, so that the brand will last forever. Under the new consumer trend, more and more consumers want brands to interact with each other frequently and have personality Yili keeps a close eye on consumer needs, and continues to consolidate its brand image through variety show marketing, self-created IP, new media fan marketing and other new methods, and enables its products to gain the attention and love of more young people, linking with leading companies And top brands to create an ecosystem of win-win cooperation, carry out cross-border marketing, successfully empower product innovation, bring more new consumers to the brand, and jointly develop product co-creation with fans on the new media side and successfully pull Close to the distance with young people, combined with new social media, we launched accurate crowd communication to achieve the breadth and depth of brand communication and deep coverage of the crowd. Yili also keeps up with changes in channels and keeps its products closer to consumers. We intensively cultivate traditional channels and cover various life scenarios of consumers. We develop e-commerce channels and provide consumers with more convenient ways to purchase. In expanding the vertical maternal and child channels, deepening consumers’ brand image recognition, opening up new channels, and broadening the channels and convenience for consumers to purchase.

   As a leader in the dairy industry, Yili continues to innovate products and leads the industry development, fast standing, healthy and new track, new beverage categories on the market have been creating new tastes Experience, take plant-based yogurt as an example. These products not only meet the needs of vegetarian consumers, but the addition of oatmeal also provides a new taste, allowing consumers to have both health and deliciousness.

   Fourth, the driving force continues to write a new future, and the future is the way forward. Yili is constantly improving its smart brain, accurately understanding consumer needs, and providing consumers with Diversified, personalized and quality products and services, continue to increase investment in innovative research and development, give full play to the global R&D center and wisdom driving force, and have been building a global smart chain. Yili is integrating global talents, intelligence, standards and other resources to empower the dairy industry and accelerate the digital transformation of China’s dairy industry.

  The dairy industry involves the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Only by common development can the real dairy industry revitalize. We have been actively promoting the deepening cooperation of the entire industry chain to truly achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. A number of modern dairy clusters have been laid out to vigorously support the upstream and downstream development of the industrial chain. At the same time, we are accelerating the construction of a global ecosystem to help realize the dream of sharing health in the world. At present, Yili’s partners have spread across five continents and 33 countries and regions. Standing at the new starting point of the top 5 global dairy industry, Yili will fully grasp the double Circulate the new development pattern, give play to the leading role of leading enterprises, and strive for the revitalization of China’s dairy industry, and strive to become the world’s number one dairy industry and the grand goal of becoming the world’s top 5 healthy food products. Finally, on the occasion of the arrival of the Spring Festival, I wish The online friends are happy and arrogant, thank you.