Liaoyang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau’s”Yangtze River ban on catching and breaking the chain” special action phased results
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  In order to effectively strengthen the protection of aquatic biological resources in the Yangtze River Basin, the Liaoyang Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau severely cracked down on illegal fishing and other acts that endanger aquatic biological resources in accordance with the law, resolutely curbed illegal fishing and criminal activities in the Yangtze River Basin, and cracked down on illegal sales and cuts. Illegal chain to maintain the safety of the ecological environment in the Yangtze River Basin.
  Our city conducts a special market investigation of aquatic products throughout the city. Focus on product wholesale markets, farmer’s markets, supermarkets, and catering units, and intensify market investigation and supervision and inspection. Focus on checking whether aquatic product operators have fulfilled the purchase inspection record requirements, and whether the purchased aquatic products, especially the fished aquatic products, have legal source certificates and other documents. Whether there are violations of laws and regulations for aquatic products that are purchased or operated from unknown sources or unable to provide evidence of legal sources. As for the illegal activities of purchasing and operating aquatic products with no legal source during the inspection, supervise the aquatic product operators to immediately stop the operation, and re-investigate them in accordance with laws and regulations. Continue to strengthen warning education throughout the city to create an atmosphere of public opinion that”does not dare to arrest, cannot arrest, or does not want to arrest”.
   As of now, the city has dispatched 3650 law enforcement officers, inspected 2,039 catering units, 514 farmer’s markets, inspected 1,582 supermarkets, posted and distributed more than 300 promotional materials, and monitored 46 e-commerce platforms. The e-commerce platform carried out 50 administrative guidance and 4 media reports. A total of 32 reports of work information, 6 reports of special action statistics, and 6 special statistics of catering units have been reported.
  The Spring Festival is approaching, and the peak of consumption of aquatic products will be ushered in. The Municipal Market Supervision Administration reminds the whole society to resolutely resist the consumption of Yangtze River game, and truly do not buy, sell, cook, or eat Yangtze River wild fish; , The public is welcome to report relevant illegal clues through the 12315 platform and 12315 complaint hotline.