Liaoning Food Safety Liability Insurance is free! 70%of food and catering service units have been insured
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  Last year, Liaoning Province innovated financial institutions to help food safety liability insurance work model, becoming the first province in the country to achieve free food safety liability insurance for food producers and operators, thus Prevent and defuse food safety risks to a greater extent, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

   Since 2015, our province has launched a pilot program for food safety liability insurance. The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau explored the introduction of banks into the food safety liability insurance work system, where the banks contributed funds to insure food production and operation businesses, and negotiated with the insurance company to reduce the premium from 2000 yuan/year to 148 yuan/year.

   At present, under the coordination of the government, insurance companies and banks have reached an agreement to adopt a voluntary principle. Food producers and operators only need to use the”payment” bound to a specific bank card Collecting payments with “aggregation code” and completing the requirements of rated turnover capital or number of transactions, you can obtain food safety liability insurance for free, achieving “zero” premiums and “zero” handling fees. Consumers voluntarily scan the QR code to pay. If there is a suspected food safety poisoning incident, they can directly call the insurance company to apply for a claim. The maximum insurance payment limit for a single person is 50,000 yuan.

   As of the end of 2020, 124,000 catering service units in the province have participated in food safety liability insurance for free, and insurance companies have paid for 3 food safety disputes. This year, our province will continue to promote the popularization of food safety liability insurance, and strive to achieve a 90%participation rate of food business units by the end of the year.