Leshan City Market Supervision Administration No. 001 of 2021 Food Safety Supervision Sampling Information Announcement and Food Consumption Tips During the Spring Festival
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  According to the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, in accordance with the requirements of the food safety sampling plan for the 2021 Spring Festival Order of the Municipality, as of January 4, our bureau will conduct food processing products, edible oils, fats and their products, and meat products. A total of 25 batches of samples of 6 categories of food, confectionery, cakes, and alcohol, organized random inspections. Among them, 23 batches were qualified and 2 batches were unqualified. See the attachment for sample information.
  The Spring Festival is approaching, food consumption is more concentrated, and it is also a time when food safety problems are prone to occur. In order to ensure the food safety of the people, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau reminds consumers to pay attention to the following when buying food:
   One is to buy food, remember to be safe. To buy food, go to regular supermarkets, shopping malls, markets, and other regulated food sales points. When going to shopping malls and farmer’s markets to purchase food, you should wear a mask and strictly abide by the merchant’s relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control. When buying food, pay attention to the labels on the outer packaging of the food, check whether the name of the food, the place of origin, the name of the factory, the date of production, the production license number, etc. of the food are clear and complete, whether the outer packaging is tidy, damaged, and whether it is within the shelf life Within limits. When purchasing imported cold chain food, you should actively check the inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test certificate, disinfection certificate, etc., and do not buy and consume imported cold chain food with unknown origin and no relevant certificates. When buying cold chain food, you should wear masks and disposable gloves correctly, avoid touching the food surface with bare hands, and do a good job of disinfection of the outer packaging and self-protection.
   The second is health food, which is purchased scientifically. It is necessary to purchase health food through formal channels and ask for formal sales evidence. When purchasing health food, you must look for the health food logo and health food approval number on the product package, select it according to its function, and follow the instructions of the label. Ask for food. Never purchase health food through illegal pyramid schemes, conference marketing, telephone marketing, etc.; do not participate in any health knowledge lectures, expert reports, free trials and other activities for the purpose of product sales. Do not purchase illegal health foods without health food labels; health foods cannot replace medicines. For patients with diseases, they must not use health foods instead of medicines to avoid delaying their illness.
   During the holiday season, if the general public finds food safety problems in food production and business units, they can call 12345 at any time to make a complaint.
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  Leshan City Market Supervision Administration
   February 3, 2021