Lanzhou City Market Supervision Bureau conducts special inspections on special food, salt and alcohol markets before the Spring Festival
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   In order to ensure the quality and safety of the health food, alcohol and salt markets during the Spring Festival, take practical actions to implement the”four strictest” requirements, Lanzhou City Market Supervision Bureau Spring Festival Prior to conducting special law enforcement inspections on the health food, alcohol and salt markets in our city.

   On January 19, the Special Food Division of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau conducted a carpet inspection on health food wholesale and retail business households along Jiogouyan in Qilihe District. The focus was on checking the quality of health food products, requesting certificates, identification labels, special counters, warning words, etc., to prevent the sale of fake and inferior health foods, and comprehensively check the hidden risks of health food sales. The market supervision department of the jurisdiction shall be required to monitor and track the rectification of the problems found in the inspection.

   In order to implement the”Lanzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration’s Alcoholic Product Quality and Safety Rectification Work Plan”, increase the control of counterfeit and shoddy products in the alcohol market before the Spring Festival, and the municipal market supervision The Bureau’s Special Food Division, together with the Chengguan Branch of the Law Enforcement Team, and the anti-counterfeiting personnel of the liquor company, focused on pre-holiday alcohol and food safety inspections, strictly checked for evidence and tickets, investigated and dealt with the sale of counterfeit”best-selling wine” and”famous wine”, and attacked with heavy fists. Implement the”four most stringent”, severely crack down on the sale of fake and inferior alcoholic foods, prevent counterfeit alcoholic products from flowing into the Lanzhou market, and ensure the safety of the people’s purchase and use of alcoholic food.

   At the same time, in order to further maintain the order of the salt market, we cooperated with the Provincial Salt Bureau to supervise and inspect the Qilihe Jingang Sugar and Wine Market and Xiaoxihu Halal Restaurant. It focused on inspections of the qualifications of designated salt wholesalers and retail units, the quality of salt products, the purchase and sales accounts, storage and distribution, etc., whether they comply with the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law and the Salt Monopoly Measures. The records of purchases and sales were found to be irregular. The fixed-point wholesale distribution system of table salt was not implemented in a standardized manner, and the salt was placed on the ground and the partition wall was rectified or required a deadline for rectification.

   By carrying out special supervision and inspection on the safety of special food, salt and alcoholic food before the holiday, the market operation environment has been further purified, the market order has been effectively regulated, and the people have been effectively protected Special foods, salt and alcoholic foods are safe for consumption during mass festivals.