Kunming Customs helps Yunnan plateau specialty agricultural products exports rise against the trend
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   Yunnan is a well-known province for the production and export of plateau agricultural products. Since 2020, Kunming Customs has overcome the difficulties caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, solidly implemented the”six stability” and”six guarantees” tasks, strengthened supervision and excellent services, and implemented precise policies to continue to boost the export of specialty agricultural products from the Yunnan plateau. In 2020, Yunnan Province exported 3.238 million tons of agricultural products with an export value of 36.07 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.4%and 8.9%respectively.

  ”Yunguo” is sweet and overflowing in all directions

   is located in the low-latitude plateau of Yunnan, with a diverse climate and superior ecological environment, giving fruits an inherent development advantage. With the continuous expansion of planting area, the continuous enrichment of varieties and the continuous improvement of quality, Yunnan has now become a well-known plateau characteristic fruit hometown. Fruits such as citrus, grapes, apples, and mangoes are exported overseas. In 2020, Yunnan Province exported 1.348 million tons of fruit, with an export value of 18.36 billion yuan, an increase of 24.8%and 23.9%respectively year-on-year.

   In Baoshan City, the neat rows of mango trees in the orchard every June are covered with golden and coveted mangoes. In recent years, mango varieties such as Baoshan”Ivory Mango” and”Jinhuangmang” have gradually increased their popularity due to their golden appearance, tangy fragrance, and high fruit sweetness. As the saying goes,”The fragrance of wine is not afraid of deep alleys”, and the reputation of Baoshan mangoes quickly spread overseas.”In 2019, several foreign fruit buyers came to Baoshan and tasted our mangoes. Baoshan mangoes of delicious color and fragrance made them fall in love at first sight, so they talked about cooperation with us and placed orders.” Baoshan Kangyuan Agricultural Cooperative The person in charge Xian Guangwen said happily. However, after the joy, Xian Guangwen was a little worried. The cooperative has been rooted in the domestic market and has no experience in international trade. Now foreign orders are also available, and mangoes can be picked as soon as they are ripe, but Xian Guangwen is completely unclear about what matters to pay attention to and what procedures to go through for export.”Later I checked on the Internet, dialed the customs service hotline 12360, and got in touch with Tengchong Customs. They attached great importance to it and sent staff to come to the door to understand the situation the next day.” Xian Guangwen said.

   Tengchong Customs, a subsidiary of Kunming Customs, actively contacted export trading companies for them, and conducted publicity and guidance on relevant policies and regulations. Customs quarantine technicians went to orchards to carry out fruit flies and other harmful organisms Monitor and urge the bases to regulate the use of pesticides, strengthen”source management”, and help companies complete the registration of outbound fruit orchards. At the same time, in accordance with foreign quarantine requirements, the supervision and management of fruit export enterprises in planting and packaging should be strengthened to help enterprises improve the quality of exported fruit and effectively provide pre-export supervision services.

   The sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia in early 2020 has affected the company’s original import and export plan. Customs officers of Tengchong Customs took immediate relief measures to help companies coordinate and solve the cross-customs joint supervision problem, realize production area supervision, port inspection and release, and seamless connection between road transportation and China-Europe trains. After a lot of hard work, the first batch of nearly 20-ton Baoshan”ivory mangos” took the China-Europe train and finally exited the Khorgos railway port in Xinjiang and successfully arrived in Moscow. “Baoshan mangoes are green, ecological and of good quality. The market response is very good and the market prospect is very broad. Our team has established a company in Yunnan. The next step is to expand cooperation with growers and planting bases in Yunnan. With the help of customs, More Yunnan agricultural products are exported to overseas markets.” said Xu Hongxian, the business leader of Yunnan Rongjin Agricultural Products Co., Ltd., a trader who carried out this mango export.

   Baoshan mango”packed” into the fruit basket of the Russian people is an exciting event for the 104 farmers in the cooperative that Xianguangwen is in. It is directly expanded The road for villagers to revitalize and become rich. After hearing the good news of this first export, many farmers in the vicinity have expressed their desire to join the cooperative. In addition to mangoes, Russian partners are also very interested in Baoshan’s fruit and vegetable products such as watermelons and tomatoes. In the next step, the cooperative where Xian Guangwen is located will further layout and plan planting bases to make adequate preparations for expanding exports.

  ”Yuncai””Xian” to Wanjia

   Yunnan’s vegetables are planted in a large area, rich in varieties and high in quality. They have not only become an important base for the An important”vegetable basket” for my country’s vegetable export. In 2020, Yunnan Province exported 1.356 million tons of vegetables and 10.68 billion yuan in vegetable exports, up 15.3%and 5.4%year-on-year respectively.

   With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, organic food has attracted more and more attention. A Yunnan company called”Yunling Fresh” is mainly engaged in the cultivation and sales of organic vegetables. The company exports 4-6 tons of organic vegetables to Hong Kong through land cold chain distribution every week.”In the early stage, with the help of the customs, we learned to understand the filing standards of the vegetable base for Hong Kong, and constantly improved the management of organic vegetable planting, and smoothly opened up the vegetable supply channel to Hong Kong.” Zhang Jian, deputy general manager of Yunling Fresh Group, said. The company is market-oriented every year and adopts an order-based approach to grow organic vegetables according to customer needs.

  ”We pay close attention to the monitoring of residues of toxic and hazardous substances such as pesticides and heavy metals in exported vegetables, and work hard on quality control to promote”source compliance” of vegetables supplied to Hong Kong. In addition, It has also taken measures to reduce verification items and zero-delay inspection and release to further reduce the overall customs clearance time for Hong Kong and export.”

  ”This year, our company’s orders for organic vegetables exported to Hong Kong are expected to reach more than 500 tons.” Zhang Jian said,”Next we will expand to Europe, etc. In the international market, the customs will also need to provide us with more guidance and help to smooth the sales of’yuncai’ overseas.”

  ”Yunhua” fragrant for thousands of miles

   Currently, Yunnan has developed into one of the world’s three emerging flower producing areas and the world’s second largest fresh cut flower trading center. In 2020, Yunnan Province exported 17,000 tons of fresh cut flowers and exported 500 million yuan, an increase of 33.4%and 19%year-on-year respectively. Both the export volume and export value rank first in all provinces and cities in the country. The main varieties are carnations, roses and lilies. flower.

  In Xiaojie Town, Songming, Yunnan, Yunnan Haisheng Flower Co., Ltd. is organizing workers at the base to harvest carnations, which are sorted and packaged and sent abroad market. “The flowers exported by our company are mainly sold overseas. Unlike China’s consumption of flowers as gifts, most of the flowers in these countries are consumed daily by families.” Di Di, who has been working and living in Yunnan for more than ten years Mr. Mu said.

  The epidemic has spawned the”home economy” in the flower market abroad. However, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, direct international flights from Kunming Changshui Airport have been suspended in large areas. The traditional flower bulbs and seedling import transportation routes have been stalled, and the originally smooth seedling import logistics chain has been hindered.

  Kunming Customs responded to business demands as soon as possible, strengthened external communication and coordination, and made full use of the”Western Land-Sea New Channel” inter-customs cooperation platform to open up imported flower bulbs and seedlings Fast track into Yunnan.”Fortunately, after the customs learned about the situation, it promptly interpreted to us the policy of national customs clearance integration, and actively helped us contact other customs to solve the problems of import declaration of flowers and seedlings. Our production and operation were not affected.” Diem said .

  ”We proactively provide technical guidance for enterprises, guide them to establish a”company + base + standardization” planting operation and production model, and actively implement administrative approval items”Internet +” The method of handling is to implement the system of”no-face approval and filing”, which saves time and economic costs for enterprises.” said Xu Hongling, a customs officer of the Second Section of Dianzhong Customs Supervision Department under Kunming Customs.