Kaqi Market Supervision Bureau launches special inspection of dairy products
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   In order to regulate the order of the dairy products market operation, to ensure the quality and safety of dairy products. Recently, the Kaqi Market Supervision Bureau carried out special inspections on dairy products business units such as supermarkets and maternity and infant stores in the jurisdiction.

   This time, the focus is on the supervision and inspection of dairy products requesting certificates and tickets. Concentrate on inspections of food sales operators such as dairy product wholesalers, supermarkets and grocery stores. Mainly carry out”four checks”:first check whether the purchase channels are legal and whether the purchase of dairy products is of unknown origin; second check whether the purchase of dairy products meets the requirements (production license, business license, food business license, etc.) ), ask for a ticket (product inspection certificate, one-ticket pass, etc.), whether the certificate, ticket, and goods match, etc.; check whether the outer packaging of dairy products is clearly marked, whether there is manufacturer, production address, production date, batch number or code, and shelf life Relevant quality and safety certification marks, etc.; four check whether the temporary dairy products have implemented the delisting system; whether the dairy products that require refrigeration and freshness are stored and sold as required.
   Up to now, a total of 54 food sales units of various types have been inspected, and no illegal activities such as operating beyond the scope or selling expired dairy products have been found. During the inspection, law enforcement officials again emphasized that food sales operators urge consumers to enter the store to scan codes, wear masks, measure body temperature, set up”1-meter line” waiting signs, record abnormal body temperatures, abnormal”travel codes”, etc., and be sure to do a good job in epidemic prevention Control work.