Jinzhong City Market Supervision Bureau strengthens market supervision during the Spring Festival
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   According to the characteristics of the Spring Festival market, the Jinzhong City Market Supervision Administration focused on the two time nodes before and during the festival, and deployed early, and formulated and issued the”Notice on Further Carrying out the Supervision and Inspection Work for the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia During the Spring Festival”, adhere to the combination of daily supervision and centralized rectification, and strengthen market supervision. A total of 6 supervision and inspection teams, led by bureau leaders, focused on the supervision and inspection of food, medicine, special equipment, prices and other fields in 12 counties (districts and cities). In response to the problems discovered during the inspection, business operators are urged to immediately carry out rectification, implement the main responsibilities of enterprise safety production and epidemic prevention and control, promote business integrity management, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
  Through the strengthening of market supervision, no food, medicine, special equipment safety accidents occurred during the Spring Festival in the city, and no price hikes were found, and the market order was running smoothly. During this period, a total of 5550 law enforcement officers were dispatched to inspect 4647 households. Check food production and operation units 2,051 times; check 217 special equipment users; check 41 tourist attractions; check shopping malls, supermarkets, and bazaars 909 times; check e-commerce platforms and network operators 449 times. During the holiday period, 12315 complaints and reports were received 367 times, and 261 were transferred. No major emergencies occurred.