Jinta County, Gansu:Strengthen the supervision of decontamination and cleaning of tableware, and promote the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures
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   In order to further promote the special treatment actions for decontamination and cleaning of catering utensils, and continue to implement epidemic prevention and control measures, Jinta County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has recently implemented the whole county The internal organization organized and carried out a centralized investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards in the Spring Festival market focusing on catering and food safety.

  This special rectification carried out a dragnet investigation on the county’s catering and food business units, focusing on inspections of decontamination and cleaning of catering utensils,”public chopsticks and spoons”, and cold chain The implementation of food and other regulatory measures, temperature measurement, disinfection and ventilation, and health management of employees, and other epidemic prevention and control measures, a total of 245 catering units were inspected, and decontamination and cleaning equipment found during the inspection were not equipped as required, and the decontamination and cleaning equipment was not cleaned regularly The 6 catering units whose maintenance, decontamination and cleaning facilities were not used normally, and whose disinfection records were not sound, were ordered to make corrections and given warnings. At the same time, the catering service unit is urged to carry out regular self-inspection, training of employees and other systems. By strengthening the sampling and testing of tableware, further strengthen the awareness of the main responsibility of food operators, and effectively promote the effectiveness of cleaning and cleaning of tableware.