Jingdezhen City Market Supervision Bureau solidly carried out special sampling inspections of food during the Spring Festival
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   In order to ensure that the people of the city spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival and keep the bottom line of food safety, the Jingdezhen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau earnestly performed its market supervision functions, taking the attention of the masses as the direction and the consumption of the masses as the guideline, and organized the launch of the 2021 Spring Festival Special random inspections for food safety during festivals.
   In order to better exert the effectiveness of sampling inspections and stabilize consumer confidence, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau made overall arrangements and made careful arrangements to select the food sampling areas, food sampling locations, and food sampling categories that are most concerned and expected by the masses, and formulated details The food sampling inspection plan for the Spring Festival holiday of the People’s Republic of China has further increased the intensity of the sampling work and expanded the coverage of the sampling work. Up to now, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has collected 121 batches of samples from 15 categories including edible vegetable oil, alcohol, and roasted food in the city’s food sales markets and catering units, and inspected pesticide and veterinary drug residues, food additives, microorganisms and other indicators. Inspection and sampling are all qualified.
   In the next step, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will continue to play its role as an outpost for food sampling inspections, conduct sampling inspections on key varieties in key areas, strictly deal with violations of laws and regulations, increase consumers’ sense of acquisition and safety, and create a good environment for food consumption with confidence , To ensure the safety of people’s food during the Spring Festival.