Jinan Gangcheng District:Special enforcement actions on rural counterfeit and inferior food have achieved initial results
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   In order to further implement the spirit of the”four strictest” directives, consolidate the effectiveness of supervision and law enforcement, and improve the level of rural food safety, Jinan Steel City Market Supervision and Administration has deployed rural counterfeiting Special law enforcement actions on counterfeit food. First, the law enforcement brigade all attacked and worked in groups with the supervision station to ensure that special operations were carried out quickly and uncovered illegal actions were accurate and stable; second, radiation was launched, using densely populated areas as a breakthrough point to gradually advance to surrounding villages to ensure the source Hidden dangers are discovered in a timely manner and the harm is minimized.

  Through this special law enforcement action, we will further mobilize and guide the whole society to actively participate in the control of counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas, consolidate the basis of food supervision in rural areas, and improve food safety in rural areas Level and support capability.

   Since the launch of the operation, a total of 32 cases have been investigated, including 3 overdue foods and 3 irregular labelling, effectively deterring criminals and protecting the countryside. food safety.

   If consumers find food and drug safety violations, they are encouraged to call the 12345 hotline to protect their rights and actively participate in the social co-treatment of food and drug safety.