Jiangsu Spring Festival catering consumption exceeds 10 billion in 2021
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  The Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox is inseparable from the taste of hometown on the tip of the tongue. The catering industry in the province earnestly implements the”Notice on Doing a Good Job in the People’s Local New Year Service Guarantee Work” of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, in accordance with the overall requirements of”adequate supply, quality assurance, stable prices, and effective prevention and control”, Combining with the in-depth development of a series of promotion activities in the second quarter of”Quality of Life·Suxin Consumption”, it promotes a variety of consumption activities, further releases consumption potential, and overall presents a good trend of catering consumption upgrading and replenishment. Innovative service model of Nian Cai Da Jia, “In-situ Chinese New Year” brings hot urban food and beverage market, and the “Blowout” of the catering consumption market in southern Jiangsu. Rural casual catering promotes family consumption. The flow of shopping and supermarkets and street food and beverages surges and consumption is prosperous. There are obvious differences in regional catering consumption. Dining shows a new style. During the Spring Festival, over 80%of catering service units above designated size in the province opened their doors to welcome customers, 15%higher than the number of stores in 2019. The total retail sales of the catering industry in the province reached 10.12 billion yuan, an increase of 26.7%over 2019. Among them, the sales of online New Year’s Eve gift boxes and a table of New Year’s Eve dinners increased by 200%over 2019.
  Nian Cai Daojia innovative service model
   Under the guidance of the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Catering Industry Association, together with third-party platforms such as catering industry associations across the province, Alibaba Local Life, Meituan and other third-party platforms, launched the Jiangsu Taste-New Year’s Home Promotional Consumption Activity, which was released in three batches More than 500 catering companies and more than 1,000 stores”New Year’s Home” service information. Catering companies are actively launching new year dishes gift boxes and new year’s eve dinner set menus of different varieties and prices, adopting online reservations and offline self-pickup, delivery, and private kitchen door-to-door service models to provide consumers with more peace of mind and comfort Home dining service. Nanjing Little Chefs focuses on family consumption, launching 6 major services such as dine-in and take-out without closing, New Year’s Eve dinner, home banquet, New Year gift box to family, chef’s home, and personalized customization. Suzhou Dingji Carnival offers a limited supply of 500 New Year’s Eve gift boxes, which were booked 10 days before the Spring Festival. The two-person, three-person meal, and single-person set menus launched by Nanjing’s big-name stalls are very popular. The comfort and ease that young people pursue makes the New Year’s Eve dinner for one person also celebrate the new year. Nanjing Gunandu Group has launched the “Nine-Fen Cooked in the First Year of Harmony” time-honored dish gift box, which is affordable for the people and sold 300,000 copies during the Spring Festival. Yangzhou Quyuan Tea House integrated chef skills into industrialized standard production, and brought classic Huaiyang dishes to the dining table of wanderers thousands of miles away through professional cold chain transportation. The sales of gift boxes exceeded 15 million yuan. The”Su Yun Nostalgia” gift box of land standard dishes in Baidao Township, Jiangsu Province was sold out once it was launched. The service platform of Jiangsu Food Expo launched the”Su Yun Hao Li·Gourmet Companion” intangible cultural heritage delicacy gift box, which is well received by consumers. Jinling Hotel Group has respectively launched a stewed dish gift box, a famous dish gift box, and a famous dish gift box to allow consumers to experience the delicate flavor of Jinling.

  Customized, high-quality New Year’s Eve dinner is in high demand
   In the Spring Festival of 2021, the New Year’s Eve dinner market is both in demand and supply, and a table is hard to find. Based on the prevention and control of the epidemic, all catering companies take the initiative to enrich the variety of dishes, improve service quality, and innovate marketing models to provide consumers with high-quality, customized and diversified New Year’s Eve catering services. On New Year’s Eve at Nanjing Yanbo Fishing Port, more than 50 private rooms created a turnover of 700,000 yuan. As early as 3 months before the Spring Festival, the private rooms of Nanjing Jinling Hotel were all booked out. Nanjing Treasure Boat, Jiang Yan, Hao Ji, Gold Ingot, Xunwei Catering, Shangri-La, Daronghe, Changzhou Mingdu Restaurant Group, Zhongwu Hotel, Tianmu Lake Hotel, Xinlihao, Wuxi Xinwang, Ancient Rome, Buckingham Jue, Jiangyin Tianshui Yaju, Suzhou Xinmeihua, Songhe Tower, Deyue Tower, Yangzhou Lion Tower, Yangcheng Yiwei, Shunxin Tower, Jiangnan Yipin, Yechun and other large-scale catering companies are hard to find. In cities such as Zhenjiang, where more than 70%of the New Year’s Eve dinners were cancelled, government departments used various means to restore the people’s consumer confidence, and the rebooking was in good condition. Zhenjiang Jinshang, Yanchun Restaurant, Biyu Garden and other catering companies have created a consumer brand with confidence through discounts and promotions, and the New Year’s Eve dinner room reservations are fully booked.
  Country casual dining is very popular
   Under the initiative of”Try to spend the holidays in the province as much as possible, and in principle not leave the province if it is not necessary”, the number of people staying in the Soviet Union during the Spring Festival this year has increased compared with previous years, and many families have chosen rural leisure travel. During the Spring Festival, the words”queuing”,”popularity” and”reservation” made Jiangsu rural casual dining frequently searched. With the opening of Puyi Road to Nanjing Baguazhou, Zhoushang’s restaurants gather Qixia Township land standard cuisine, attracting tourists from all over the world and receiving more than 100,000 visitors in seven days. At the foot of Xiaomao Mountain in Gaochun, the village canteen”is hard to find”, with a seven-day turnover of 600,000 yuan. The catering service outlets in the beautiful village of Jiangning are crowded with people, and their turnover increased by 60%over 2019. Lishui Guoxing Manor, Zhushang Yunxiang, Longyin Bay, Dajinshan and other rural tourist spots not only allow consumers to taste the food from the source of Qinhuai, but also bring home the taste of Lishui.
  Shopping malls, street restaurants, crowds surge in consumption
   The urban commercial complex gathers a variety of business formats such as catering, retail, and entertainment. During the holiday season, there are many promotional activities, a significant increase in traffic flow, high consumption enthusiasm, and queuing to eat a big meal, becoming this year’s supermarkets and street catering normal. Featured restaurants such as Red Mansion, Jinling Twelve Vegetables, Wenliu and other specialty restaurants in Nanjing Laomen East Street, and specialty snack bars such as Lan Laoda Sugar Lotus Root Congee, Chicken Soup, Huang Qinji, and Plum Cake have received more than the 2019 Spring Festival , Turnover reached a new high. During the Spring Festival, 48 Wanda Plazas in more than 30 cities and counties in Jiangsu were very popular. The average daily turnover of catering in Tongqing Building exceeds 300,000 yuan, and the turnover of special catering such as Dayu Hot Pot, Happy Ranch, Jiudingxuan, Zhangji Roast Duck, and Korean Palace Banquet exceeds historical records.
  There are obvious regional differences in catering consumption during the Spring Festival
   During the Spring Festival, all parts of the province actively responded to the”New Year’s Day” initiative. The catering consumption in Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou in southern Jiangsu increased significantly, and the total retail sales reached a new high. The total retail sales of the four cities accounted for half of the total, reaching 5.65 billion yuan. The per capita consumption of catering has grown faster than in 2019, and quality consumption, healthy catering, and green catering have become new consumption directions. Central Jiangsu and northern Jiangsu were affected by the decrease in returnees. Although the reservation rate of catering and private rooms was high, the consumption was low. The consumption of halls was obvious. The kitchen and banquet market in rural villages was sluggish, and the total catering retail sales decreased compared with 2019. Some hotel and catering companies adjusted their marketing strategies to meet the demands of consumption upgrades, accelerate digital transformation, upgrade the value chain, integrate the supply chain, and operate in good condition. Dongtai International Hotel, Grand Gateway International Hotel, Chaoyang Hotel, New World Hotel, and youth hostels under Dongtai International Trade Group have a total turnover of over 4 million yuan. Xuzhou Haitian Catering Group’s brands such as Fulin Hotel, Taifengsheng, Quanjude, Hujing No. 1, Yonghe Soy Milk, West Lake Spring and other brands are not closed during the Spring Festival, with a total turnover of over 10 million yuan.
  Civilized dining shows new styles
  ”Civilized Dining Table, CD Action” is a new trend. During the Spring Festival, the province’s catering companies and consumers actively responded to the call to “resolutely stop catering waste” and carried out in-depth CD operations. In addition to placing reminders to remind citizens to save food and eliminate waste in prominent places such as restaurants and tables, they also Remind customers to order meals rationally and avoid waste. Some companies also provide packages for 1 person, 2-3 people, 5-6 people, 8-10 people, etc., for citizens to choose according to their needs. Various catering companies provide consumers with services such as chopsticks, spoons, and packaging. On the dining table of the Provincial Conference Center, reminders such as”Disc Action, Strict Economy, Civilized Dining” are placed on the dining table, and small dishes are introduced, and after-dinner packaging services are provided to remind consumers to order appropriately. Cafeterias such as Happy Ranch and Toronto launched CD-ROM award-winning activities. New Era Hotel adjusts the structure of its dishes, adds more dishes to serve, strives to create a frugal consumption promoter, and a CD-ROM action demonstration store. Yangzhou Yechun standardized the varieties of snacks such as steamed dumplings and steamed dumplings to the gram, and changed the size of large portions of hot and dried silk to enhance the consumption experience.