Jiangsu catering market recovers steadily in 2020
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   In 2020, Jiangsu’s catering industry will be affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The province’s catering revenue will be 273.78 billion yuan, accounting for 7%of the country, and a year-on-year decrease of 8%, which is better than the country by 8.6 percentage points, and the rate of decrease is narrower than the previous three quarters by 3.8 percentage point. The upper limit catering industry achieved a turnover of 75.84 billion yuan, accounting for 9%of the country, down 2%year-on-year, and 12 percentage points better than the country. The cumulative growth rate was 2 percentage points higher than the previous month. The rapid development of new consumption models such as online consumption and “contactless delivery” has resulted in a 191.9%increase in online meal expenses in the catering industry. Among them, the catering industry realized an increase of 241.2%in meal expenses through public networks.

  ●Preferential enterprise policy promotes industry development
   Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the government has successively introduced a series of policies to support enterprises and guide the development of the industry, and promote consumption measures to promote the resumption of industry and the market, boost catering, and activate consumption. Jiangsu Province Catering Industry Association and other provincial catering associations and local associations reflect industry demands, strive for supporting policies, hold industry events, and promote consumption recovery.
  ●Fulfill social responsibilities and strengthen industry self-discipline
   The catering industry implements the epidemic prevention and control requirements,”resolutely stop catering waste”, refuses to buy, cook, sell, refuse to eat illegally caught fish in the Yangtze River Basin, carry out plastic restrictions, and the catering industry collectively negotiates to protect the legitimate rights and interests of women. Standardize the disposal of kitchen waste and fulfill the main responsibility for safe production and food safety.
  ●Baidao Township Land Standards Promote Integration of Business, Agriculture, Culture and Tourism
  Baidao Township Land Standard Vegetable Promotion Activity throughout the year, led by the government, industry guidance, business registration, media promotion, and people’s participation. By launching theme activities, publishing food maps, selecting representative companies, holding activities to benefit the people, online and offline interactions, and effectively promote consumption, create a local food landmark brand of”Su Yun nostalgia”, inherit and promote rural food culture, and stimulate leisure tourism agriculture Consumption potential.
  ●Accelerating the digital transformation of catering online and offline
  Innovate the catering business model, vigorously develop online food ordering, combine the consumption scenes of stores, homes, and communities, and carry out food delivery, online live broadcast, and new catering retail. Enterprises build their own small programs and cooperate with third-party service platforms to accelerate online and offline integration and promote the digital transformation of catering.
  ●Civilized dining promotes meal sharing system, public chopsticks and spoons
  The government and associations advocate civilized dining and promote the”civilized dining table action”. Catering companies provide public chopsticks and spoons, implement a meal-sharing system, implement the”Guidelines for the Production of Dishes”, increase mass media publicity, and cultivate consumers’ civilized dining habits .
  ●Night economy stimulates new vitality of small restaurants
   From late-night food stalls to night-time theme markets, from”rest at sunset” to 24 hours non-closing, from”street stall economy” to Internet celebrity delicacies, small catering specialties and new consumption scenes activate the city’s night economy, and fireworks gradually concentrated.
  ●Supply chain industry chain collaboration empowers catering
   The catering supply chain is integrated and optimized, and traditional procurement, logistics, processing, quality control management models and production methods are changed to form a new intelligent supply chain system, promote restaurant chain operations, and form specialty gourmet products.
  ●Inheritance and promotion of food culture in intangible cultural heritage
   11 offline classes of intangible cultural heritage will be opened, and online non-legacy cuisine cloud classroom will be opened to spread the culture of intangible cultural heritage through multiple channels. Carry out intangible cultural heritage food promotion fee theme activities, hold intangible cultural heritage food exhibition and sales, intangible cultural heritage food into the countryside, enter the community, intangible cultural heritage food selection meeting. The online and offline integrated sales of”Su Yun Good Gifts and Food Accompaniment” intangible cultural heritage gourmet gift boxes are well received by the people.
  ●Standardization supports catering quality and efficiency peers
  Combined with epidemic prevention and control, civilized dining, anti-waste catering, food safety, etc., standards have been formulated and implemented such as the”Guidelines for Making Dishes”,”Food Safety Seals”,”Online Meal Ordering Savings”,”Public Chopsticks and Spoons”. Further implement safe production, guide the green development of the industry, and increase the publicity and implementation of standards such as the”Safety Kitchen Regulations for the Catering Industry” and”General Rules for Green Catering Evaluation”. The establishment of standardization R&D centers and standardization demonstration bases in enterprises, combined with consumer evaluation, enterprises adjust service methods, and simultaneously improve benefits and efficiency.
  ●Jin Moli Catering highlights the industry brand value
   Establish a new image of the catering brand, implement the”Gold Jasmine Brand Evaluation in Catering Industry” standards, release the 2020-2021 Golden Jasmine catering brand, and 117 catering companies will be on the list, covering Chinese dinners, casual catering, snacks, hot pots, group meals , Fast food, wedding banquet, and eight types of rural restaurants. Alibaba’s local life Jin Jasmine restaurant is launched in Huimin, and the Jin Jasmine food navigation map is convenient for people to come to the store for consumption. At the same time, it will release the Golden Jasmine Catering Industry Organization, Golden Jasmine Catering Characters, Golden Jasmine Catering Service Providers, and Golden Jasmine Catering Activities.