Jiangmen Market Supervision Administration Announcement on Food Safety Supervision Sampling Inspection Information 2021 (No. 3 of 2021)
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In order to ensure the food safety of the people on the spot and the migrant workers staying in the river for the New Year under the epidemic prevention and control, Jiangmen City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has recently organized targeting canteens, group meal distribution units, central kitchens, and food safety. Take-out food, Internet celebrity beverage shops and general catering food with large consumption have carried out special supervision and sampling inspections. A total of 915 batches of samples were sampled, covering catering food, edible oil, grease and their products, edible agricultural products, condiments, meat products, Eight categories of foods including cakes, processed food products and wine. Among them, there were 907 batches of qualified food and 8 batches of unqualified food, with a pass rate of 99.13%.

  The unqualified foods are:(1) E. coli was detected in the beef ribs and sausage claypot rice (take-away food) produced by the Shaping Claypot Saucepot Restaurant in Heshan City; (2) Taicheng Food in Taishan City Escherichia coli was detected in the barbecued pork omelette rice + chrysanthemum tea (take-away food) produced and sold for the first restaurant; (3) The barbecued pork omelette rice (take-away food) produced and sold by Chenxian Caojie Restaurant in Jianghai District, Jiangmen City Escherichia coli was detected; (4) Escherichia coli was detected in the Super Shuangpin Rice (takeaway food) produced by Chaohua Food Store in Pengjiang District; (5) Jianghai District People’s Hospital of Jiangmen City (Jiangmen City) Anionic synthetic detergent (calculated as sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate) was detected in the rice pockets (tableware) used in the canteen of the Central Hospital Jianghai Branch; (6) Anionic synthetic detergent was detected in the dishes used in the canteen of Heshan People’s Hospital (Calculated as sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate); (7) Chloramphenicol was detected in pork purchased from the canteen of Enping Wangyuda Hospital Co., Ltd.; (8) Produced and sold by Hutchison Restaurant in Huanshi, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City The total number of barbecued pork colonies exceeds the limit.
  Jiangmen City Market Supervision Administration requires relevant municipal (district) market supervision departments to promptly investigate and deal with unqualified foods and their producers and operators, and require the business units involved to take immediate measures to control risks, and analyze the reasons for rectification . The market supervision department filed and investigated relevant catering units in accordance with the law, so as to urge the enterprises to fulfill their legal obligations and record the relevant information in the food safety credit files of food operators. The investigation and handling information shall be disclosed by the market supervision and management department responsible for the investigation and handling of the case in the place where the enterprise is located.
   Food safety consumption reminder:Jiangmen City Market Supervision Administration reminds consumers to go to restaurants with complete licenses and environmental sanitation when dining out, and choose catering service units with food safety quantification grade B or above. After consumption, they should ask for an invoice or receipt. Do not choose unlicensed or poorly hygienic roadside food vendors, do not eat abnormal sensory and undercooked dishes, do not eat marinated meats in brightly colored sauces, do not eat puffer fish and wild mushrooms of unknown origin. When ordering food online, you should choose third-party platforms and catering service units with complete licenses and good reputation. Pay attention to check the seller’s food safety-related licenses, choose close and familiar catering units to order takeaway food, and minimize the food delivery time. When receiving food for delivery, please check whether the external packaging is damaged, whether a takeout seal is used, and whether the seal is intact. If the seal has been opened, the food for delivery should be rejected. During the meal, if the food provided by the catering service unit is found to be spoiled or abnormal, the food should be stopped immediately. If symptoms of food poisoning occur after eating, they should keep the evidence, seek medical attention as soon as possible, and promptly report to the local market supervision department.
   Consumers are welcome to actively participate in food safety supervision work and pay attention to the release of food safety sampling information in each phase. If you find any food that endangers the safety of the public and its illegal activities, or the food business unit has food safety problems, please call 12345 or 12315 for complaints in time. announce.
   Jiangmen Market Supervision Administration
   February 8, 2021