January soft drink industry dynamics:Coca-Cola, Wahaha, etc. launch new products Xiangpiaopiao, VV Foods release 2020 annual performance forecast
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  Food Partner Network News January soft drink industry dynamics include:Coca-Cola, Wahaha, Xiangpiaopiao, etc. launched new beverage products; Xiangpiaopiao and VV Foods released 2020 annual performance forecast; Dongpeng Beverage There are new developments in the listing process. Bingfeng Soda plans to launch the listing, and Huiyuan Juice will officially cancel its listing status.
  Coca-Cola, Wahaha, etc. launch new products
   In January, Coca-Cola, Wahaha, Xiangpiaopiao, Wanglaoji, Mengniu, and New Hope launched new beverage products.
   Among them, Coca-Cola and Wahaha have added coffee to their new products. On January 25, Coca-Cola canned coffee and cola blends were launched in the United States. There are two versions of this coffee-cola blend:regular and zero sugar. The regular version has three flavors, including deep blend, vanilla and caramel. The zero sugar version only has deep blend and vanilla flavors. Wahaha launched a new Yangge Oatmeal Coffee Energy Drink. This product combines grains, coffee and energy drinks in one.
   There is also a hot pot of fragrant milk tea, including black tea, milk tea powder, red beans, coix seed, pearls, pudding, condensed milk, coconut fruit, 8 kinds of materials, built-in heating pack, add water and wait for 5 minutes to eat. Wanglaoji’s Ci Ning Ji launched the first high-end fruit juice product”refined prickly pear liquid”, positioned as a Moutai partner, the main raw material is Guizhou characteristic fruit prickly pear.
   In addition, the specialty coffee brand Shicui announced the launch of two new flavored coffees. One of them is Yega flavor, and the other is Blue Mountain flavor. New products launched by Mengniu and New Hope have added lactic acid bacteria. Mengniu launched a new product of lactic acid bacteria sparkling water”Milk This Vapor Quality”. The products are available in two flavors, lemon Kaman orange flavor and original flavor. New Hope has launched a tangerine peel-flavored room temperature lactic acid bacteria drink, which has been launched in the flagship store of New Hope Beverage.
  Fragrant Piaopiao, VV Foods announces 2020 annual performance forecast
   In January, Xiangpiaopiao and VV Foods announced their 2020 performance forecasts, and both companies expect net profit growth in 2020.
   On January 28th, Xiangpiaopiao Food Co., Ltd. (“Xiangpiaopiao”) released its 2020 annual performance forecast. It is expected to achieve annual revenue of 3.772 billion yuan and net profit of about 355 million yuan, compared with the same period last year. In comparison, an increase of about 80 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of about 2%.
   On January 29, VV Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. (“Xiang VV Food”) announced the pre-increased performance for 2020. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will be 410 million to 4.7 billion in 2020. Billion yuan, compared with the same period last year (statutory disclosure data), an increase of 337 million yuan to 397 million yuan.
  The listing and delisting of beverage companies
   In January, Dongpeng Beverage made new progress in the listing process. Bingfeng Soda was planned to be launched, and Huiyuan Juice was officially cancelled.
  Dongpeng Beverage’s first IPO will be held and it will land in the A-share market. The China Securities Regulatory Commission announced on January 21 that Dongpeng Beverage (Group) Co., Ltd. was approved for the first issue. In this IPO, the company plans to raise 1.49 billion yuan to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
   Bingfeng Soda is going to be launched on the market. On January 4, the Shaanxi Securities Regulatory Bureau issued the”Report on the Counseling and Recording Application of Xi’an Bingfeng Beverage Co., Ltd. by Huachuang Securities Co., Ltd.”. The report shows that Xi’an Bingfeng Beverage Co., Ltd. has signed a listing counseling agreement with Huachuang Securities. It is proposed to be listed on the SME board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the IPO application materials will be submitted before May 31, 2021.
   Huiyuan Juice was officially cancelled its listing status. On January 13, Huiyuan Juice issued an announcement stating that the Listing Review Committee of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will hold a review hearing on December 9, 2020 to review the delisting decision. On January 5, 2021, the Listing Review Committee notified the company that it had decided to maintain the delisting decision. On January 6, 2021, the Stock Exchange informed Huiyuan Juice that the final listing date will be January 15, 2021 (the final listing date), and the listing status will be cancelled from 9:00 am on the 18th.
  Future Tea Wave and Michelle Ice City’s new tea brands complete financing
  In January, the news of the completion of financing for the two new tea brands of Future Tea Wave and Michelle Ice City came out.
   Among them, the new tea brand Future Tea Wave Willcha completed an angel round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. The investor is the small pot tea and Pinpinxiang tea industry, with Inspur Capital acting as the financial advisor. The new round of financing is mainly used for store expansion.
   Michelle Ice City, a new tea brand, completed the first round of financing. This round of financing was jointly led by Dragon Ball Capital and Hillhouse Capital. Both parties invested 1 billion yuan each.

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