Isn’t it”set”? This country announced:an additional 24 million pieces!
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  According to Yonhap News Agency, the Ministry of Planning and Finance of South Korea stated on the 19th that the plan to import an additional 24 million eggs is progressing smoothly. The Ministry of Finance will provide support for rapid customs clearance and transportation of eggs. It is reported that due to the continuous spread of the highly pathogenic avian influenza in South Korea, the demand for eggs continues to exceed demand, and the price of eggs remains high.
  As of the 10th of this month, the retail price of 30 eggs per pallet is 7481 won (approximately RMB 43.7), based on the highest grade of 60-68 grams. The egg price exceeded 7,000 won for the first time on January 28. Although the government adopted various price stabilization measures, none of them had any significant effect. The egg price continued to rise.
   The South Korean government has imported 20 million eggs before the Spring Festival and plans to import another 24 million by the end of this month to ensure a stable supply of eggs.