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  Cold chain logistics is very important for maintaining the quality and safety of fresh agricultural products and reducing post-production losses, and it is also a hot spot for domestic and foreign scholars. On January 30, 2021, the team of Researcher Yang Xinting from the Beijing Agricultural Information Technology Research Center published”A comprehensive review of cold” online in Trends in Food Science & Technology (IF=11.077, Journal of Engineering Technology and Agriculture and Forestry Science Q1) Chain logistics for fresh agricultural products:Current status, challenges, forbid future trends” review article. This article systematically reviews the current research status and hot topics of cold chain logistics at home and abroad, and proposes that fresh agricultural products (livestock, fruits and vegetables, and aquatic products) are distributed from the source of production, storage and transportation, sales, and households to the entire cold chain. Link research status, challenges and future research focus, comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of China and developed countries in the development of cold chain logistics, and put forward the three development trends of future cold chain logistics to low-carbon, intelligent and multi-disciplinary integration . It provides reference and development suggestions for the future digital, intelligent and green development of cold chain logistics.

   Information Center Dr. Han Jiawei is the first author of this article, and researcher Yang Xinting is the corresponding author. The research was funded by the Youth Fund of the Academy (QNJJ202016), the Key Research and Development Program of Guangdong Province (2019B020225001) and other projects.