In response to corporate concerns, Ningbo Haishu promoted the implementation of the country’s first cold-chain food innocuous disposal insurance
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   In the past six months, the outer packaging of frozen products has frequently been tested positive for the new coronavirus. Once cold-chain food is tested positive for the new coronavirus, it must be accepted as required. The relevant purchasers will inevitably suffer losses due to the harm treatment, which can be a disaster for these companies.

  In order to reduce the risk of epidemics that companies may face in the process of purchasing cold chain food, Ningbo recently launched the country’s first”cold chain food harmless disposal insurance”. Purchasers are officially included in the scope of insurance related to epidemic prevention.

  The insurance coverage of this type of insurance is for companies engaged in cold chain food procurement, which is an independent insurance project, and the premium is 500 yuan/container. Once the cold chain food purchased by the insured is harmless due to a positive nucleic acid test, the relevant department can make claims to the insurance company as agreed and receive a certain amount of financial compensation, up to a maximum of 300,000 yuan. This insurance is Ningbo’s second innovation on the basis of the original”Imported Cold Chain Epidemic Prevention Comprehensive Insurance”, which has realized the extension of the cold chain food risk protection field.

   Haishu District Market Supervision Bureau learned about the food basket supplier Anheda in its jurisdiction in the process of three service-related cold chain enterprises, hoping to reduce business risks through insurance. Afterwards, we actively communicated with the Ningbo branch of China Life Insurance Co., the insurer of the food safety liability insurance co-insurance in Ningbo, and suggested the development of”cold-chain food innocuous disposal insurance” according to market demand to give full play to the economic compensation function of insurance , To reduce business risks.

   On February 7, the country’s first cold chain food innocuous treatment insurance was launched in Haishu, and Ningbo Anheda Vegetable Basket Distribution Co., Ltd. in Haishu District purchased it for it Of imported pork is covered by cold chain food harmless disposal insurance.
In response to corporate concerns, Ningbo Haishu promoted the implementation of the country’s first cold-chain food innocuous disposal insuranceimage
   Next, the provincial and municipal market supervision departments will speed up the completion of the data connection between the”cold chain food innocuous disposal insurance” and the”Zhejiang cold chain” system. All companies engaged in cold chain food purchases that have insurance requirements can quickly import the information that has been filled in during the registration of the”Zhejiang Cold Chain” to generate insurance policies in real time, further improving the convenience of insurance. At the same time, Ningbo will continue to promote the coverage of the insurance to major vegetable basket suppliers in the city to better improve the city’s cold chain food safety assurance level.