In 2020, the export of agricultural products in Qinghai Province will grow 9.4%against the trend
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  According to customs statistics, in 2020, the export of plateau characteristic agricultural products in Qinghai Province will grow against the trend. The total export value of agricultural products is 150 million yuan, an increase of 9.4%year-on-year, accounting for 12.2%of the province’s total export value, which is an increase from last year 5.3 percentage points.
   Since 2020, Xining Customs has overcome the difficulties caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and has continued to boost the export growth of specialty agricultural products on the Qinghai Plateau. Keep abreast of the difficulties faced by import and export enterprises, give full play to the functional and technical advantages of the customs, take the initiative, implement precise policies, carry out in-depth promotion and assistance of customs into the pastoral area, and improve the quality of one company, one policy, and actively introduce more than 60 assistance measures , Solve the problem of exporting rainbow trout to Russia, promote the smooth production of rainbow trout eggs, cultivate key protection enterprises for the intellectual property rights of Cordyceps, and exempt export enterprises from inspection and testing costs of 116,700 yuan, and effectively help agricultural export enterprises to reduce the burden and stabilize the original The market and the continuous expansion of new markets have strongly promoted the expansion of agricultural exports in Qinghai Province.
   In 2020, the export value of Cordyceps sinensis is 47.295 million yuan, accounting for 30.6%of the total export value of agricultural products in our province. The export value ranks first in the country, accounting for 40%of the total export value of Cordyceps sinensis; the export of Chinese wolfberry is 28.64 million yuan, an increase of 3.6%. , Accounting for 18.5%of the total export value of agricultural products in our province, the export value ranks ninth in the country, accounting for 4%of the total export value of Chinese wolfberry. The export of bee products was 18.675 million yuan, an increase of 89.6%, a 10-year high, contributing 66.4%to the province’s agricultural export growth, and its export value ranked 13th in the country. The above commodities together accounted for 61.2%of the total export value of Qinghai’s agricultural products. In addition, the export of aquatic products was 14.001 million yuan, of which the export value of frozen trout ranked third in the country, accounting for 20%of the country’s total export value of similar commodities; the export of goat meat was 3.937 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that there are 30 types of agricultural products exported from Qinghai, a year-on-year increase of 25%, and the types of exports are becoming diversified.
  The achievements are hard-won, but there are still many problems in the agricultural export field of our province, such as small number of enterprises, small scale, backward business model; excessive concentration of the export market, high market risk, and many other problems, coupled with the continuous spread of the global new crown epidemic to exports Adversely, this year’s agricultural exports are still facing huge challenges. Xining Customs will continue to follow up the development situation, actively coordinate the domestic and international markets and resources, and build a new development pattern in which the domestic and international dual cycles promote each other. Continuously combine the national strategic requirements, the latest deployment of the General Administration of Customs, the development needs of agricultural and pastoral areas, and the urgent expectations of enterprises, etc., dynamically update and roll out more targeted and effective measures to help enterprises protect their legitimate rights and More leading export enterprises, support enterprises to create export products, open up emerging markets, accelerate the construction of a diversified international market system for agricultural products, and vigorously promote the continued expansion of exports of superior agricultural products.