If the Chinese market is opened up, Peruvian mango exports may increase by 30%
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According to the analysis of the Peruvian Mango Producers and Exporters Association (APEM), China is a market with huge potential. If the cost and preservation of long-distance transportation are solved and the mangoes are successfully sold to the Chinese market, the total export volume of Peruvian mangoes is expected to increase by 30%.

   Peru’s website”Peru21″ reported on February 24 that Juan Carlos Rivera, the general manager of Peru’s APEM, stated that due to the high cost of air freight, mango exports are generally shipped by sea in containers. It takes 35 days to ship to China, and mangoes cannot”last for so long”.”But when the high-quality mangoes are successfully shipped to China, we will open an important market,” he said.
   In this context, Rivera pointed out that some private companies have been looking for high-tech technology that can keep mangoes fresh for a longer period of time for long-distance transportation. The mango variety they focus on is kent. He said:”We have obtained all relevant quarantine approvals, but we have not yet resolved the issue of transportation to China… We are testing various methods to reduce the possibility of bad properties when the fruit arrives. We hope to be positive this year. Progress.”
   Rivera said that if it is successfully sold to China, the total export volume of Peruvian mangoes will increase by 30%.”We will set a record for mango exports. Last year’s export volume was 237,000 tons.” He said.
   In addition, for the current mango export season (from October last year to March this year), Rivera predicts that the export volume will be 207,000 tons, a decrease of 12%from the previous export season. Compared with other similar fruits, the decline in mango exports is not large. Rivera added:”As long as the export volume exceeds 200,000 tons, the income of producers will not decrease.”