Huangshan City Market Supervision Bureau takes four measures simultaneously to promote the prevention of food waste
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   In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on stopping food waste, and to guide the general public to develop healthy eating habits, Huangshan City Market Supervision Bureau quickly took effective measures. Efforts should be made to implement the implementation, broadly consolidate the consensus of the whole society, and promote the elimination of”waste on the tip of the tongue” in the whole society.

   One is in-depth study and implementation. The municipal bureau party group meeting was quickly held to convey the spirit of relevant provincial bureau meetings, to study implementation and deployment to promote the prevention of food waste. Organize the city to systematically carry out the study and implementation of the”Regulations of Huangshan City on Suppressing Food Waste Behavior”, and insist on going to the grassroots offices vertically and horizontally to every law enforcement officer at the grassroots level.

   The second is multi-level publicity guidance. Using radio and television, WeChat official accounts, sending short messages to stop food waste, and other forms, the city’s catering units and consumers are issued initiatives such as”Resisting Food Waste and Advocating Rational Consumption”. We carried out in-depth food safety knowledge on campus, enterprise, and community activities for more than 60 times, received publicity and consultation for more than 30,000 people, and vigorously carried out publicity and guidance on preventing food waste, and effectively raised the awareness of teachers and students, corporate employees and all sectors of society.

   The third is a combination of multiple parties and joint promotion. 8 departments including the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee jointly issued an initiative on”stopping food waste and fostering thrifty habits” to the general public and catering service units of the city. The city’s catering industry association and the city’s private private associations carried out the city’s catering industry to develop a small table to drive a great civilization-the”CD Action” initiative signing commitment activity. 48 well-known catering industry representatives in the city took the lead in signing the proposal and making a contribution to the society committed to.

   The fourth is the long-term promotion of monitoring and gang integration. The leaders of the Municipal Bureau attached great importance to it and included the promotion of the prevention of food waste in the scope of the guarantee work of the leaders of the Municipal Bureau, and promoted it together with activities such as”Checking the Kitchen on Wednesday”. In combination with daily supervision and law enforcement, law enforcement officers carry out propaganda on the spot, put forward clear measures and requirements, and guide and urge catering companies to carry out actions to stop catering waste.