Hit hard! Shanghai Fengxian Police Detected a Case of Producing and Selling Fake Wine
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   Recently, the Shanghai Fengxian Police, under the guidance of relevant departments of the Municipal Bureau, and with the cooperation of the police in Guiyang and Zunyi, successfully destroyed a A criminal group that produces and sells fake liquors of well-known brands.

  1More than one million yuan to buy fake wine

   At the end of October 2020, Mr. Citizen Shi reported to Fengxian police that he had repeatedly reported to a person named Zhu from April to August 2020. The man bought dozens of boxes of well-known brand liquor, worth more than 1 million yuan, and it was later discovered that they were all fake liquor.

   After receiving the report, the Fengxian police immediately launched an investigation. The investigator opened the gap from Zhu and found that the fake wine sold by Zhu was purchased from a man named Gan Mouwen. The investigator judged that Gan Mouwen should be the key figure in solving the case. In the investigation of Gan’s social relations, investigators gradually grasped a criminal gang with a strict organizational structure and a clear division of labor.

  2Police lock criminal gangs

  After sorting out, in the criminal gang, Gan is the main member of the literary gang. He and his sister Gan opened a fake wine workshop in Guiyang, and his sister Gan is responsible for fighting In Li workshop, younger brother Gan and gang members Zhu and Gao are responsible for online and offline sales, Zhang is responsible for providing base wine, and Xie and others help as small workers. At the same time, another group member He Moubing and Zhao Mouhong set up workshops in Zunyi to provide bottles and labels.

   After finding out the organizational structure and personnel composition of the criminal gang, the investigators did not rush to close the network. On the one hand, they rushed to Guiyang and Zunyi many times to coordinate with the local police Help, on the other hand, by professionals to identify fake wine and fix the evidence.

  3 all in one net

   In mid-January, when sufficient evidence was obtained in the early stage and the time was ripe, investigators simultaneously seized the Internet in Guiyang and Zunyi, and captured 11 gang members. Investigated 2 production dens, 2 warehouses, and 2 sales physical stores, seized more than 20,000 bottles of finished and semi-finished products of various well-known brands, 4 sets of counterfeit equipment, and a large number of well-known brand wine bottle caps, trademarks, ribbons, etc., The total value involved is more than 50 million yuan.

   At present, 11 criminal gangs have been detained in accordance with the law on suspicion of counterfeiting registered trademarks, and the case is under further trial.

  Police reminder

   When buying well-known brands of tobacco and alcohol, you still have to choose a formal mall or specialty store, try to avoid informal channels to buy, and beware of buying fakes!

  Submission:Public Security Fengxian Branch