Highly fatal bird flu found in Estonia
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   According to a report by the Baltic News Agency on February 12, the bird flu virus H5N8 was detected in swans in the surrounding area of ​​Tallinn.
   Officials from the Estonian Agriculture and Food Bureau stated that the authorities check poultry, wild birds and waterfowl every year, and that bird flu has not been detected before. This is the first time such a virus has been found in Estonia.
   Highly pathogenic avian influenza is one of the most dangerous animal diseases, causing a large number of bird diseases and deaths. The virus strain does not pose a threat to humans, but it will cause economic losses. As there is no corresponding vaccination or treatment drugs, the poultry must be kept indoors to avoid infection. In the event of a disease, poultry must be inactivated under the supervision of the competent authority, and feed, feed containers, garbage and other materials that may be contaminated by the virus must be properly treated or destroyed to prevent the spread of the virus. After complete cleaning and disinfection, the new animal group can be brought into the breeding ground.
   The main symptoms of bird flu are swelling of the crown, lobes and facial area, loss of appetite, lethargy and diarrhea, and a sharp drop in egg production. These birds can breathe, and their crowns and lobes may turn blue.
   In order to protect poultry, if possible, it is recommended that poultry keepers keep poultry indoors as much as possible to avoid contact with wild birds. Unauthorized personnel are prohibited from approaching; before feeding, one must wash hands and change clothes and shoes.
   Imported poultry and hatching eggs from abroad must provide a veterinary health certificate.
   If someone finds fresh waterfowl carcasses, such as geese or swans, large numbers of dead wild birds or dead birds of prey, call the hotline to notify the authorities.
  Avian influenza has been detected in 27 European countries, including Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway , Sweden, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Ukraine.