Heyuan City Market Supervision Department Strengthens “Online + Offline” Inspection and Supervision of Food Safety on Campus
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  At the beginning of spring school, in order to further strengthen the food safety supervision of school (including kindergarten institutions) canteens and prevent food safety risks, on February 22, Wu Zhiyong, Director of Food and Drug Safety of Heyuan City Market Supervision Bureau led a team to inspect the campus food safety”line” On-line + off-line” supervision work.
  The inspection team went to the canteen of Heyuan Middle School and Xiaoxian Middle School to inspect the environmental sanitation of the school canteen, the construction of”Internet + bright kitchen and bright stove”, the storage of food raw materials, etc., and carefully checked the information of food raw materials purchase, certificate and ticket. , And require time-limited rectification for the problems found in the inspection. At the same time, supervisors use the “Internet + Bright Kitchen and Bright Stove” smart platform system in school canteens to conduct comprehensive, full coverage, and uninterrupted online inspections and risk warnings on school food safety in the city, and conduct real-time spot checks on the operation of school canteens. Risk analysis of the school meal production process, AI identification of violations, real-time snapshots, timely feedback to relevant county and district bureaus when problems are found, and urge the implementation of rectification.
   It is reported that before the school starts in spring in the city, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has made arrangements in advance to carry out spring school food safety inspections. At present, market supervision departments at all levels have jointly conducted education and relevant departments of human resources and social security to conduct full coverage inspections of 906 school canteens in the city. Organize investigations for key risk factors such as food procurement, processing, and storage in school canteens, and through online intelligent inspections of food safety in school canteens and on-site inspections of offline personnel,”dual insurance” compacts the main responsibility for food safety on campus, ensuring that teachers and students in the city” Safety on the tip of the tongue”.
  The person in charge of the relevant business section of the Municipal Bureau, and the relevant responsible comrade of the Yuancheng District Bureau accompanied the inspection.
   (Contributed by Huang Shufang from the Food and Catering Department of the Municipal Bureau/Picture)