Hefei New Station High-tech Zone Market Supervision Bureau launches spring school canteen safety inspection
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   is the beginning of the spring school season. All major colleges and universities and kindergartens in Xinzhan High-tech Zone will start school one after another. The safety of meals in school cafeterias is the focus of the current work. In order to further do a good job in school food safety, investigate food safety risks, and ensure the safety of teachers and students on the tip of the tongue, the Market Supervision Bureau of Xinzhan High-tech Zone carries out school food safety and epidemic prevention and control work.

   The bureau and the third-party service outsourcing personnel (Guangzhou Anno Technology Co., Ltd.) conducted environmental sanitation of the dining place, operating room, and kitchen utensils in the school canteen Inspection, focusing on whether the school canteen implements the epidemic prevention and control, morning inspection and food sample retention system, whether the health certificate of the employees, the inspection of food raw materials and the request for evidence and invoices, and various accounting records are complete, and the school responsible person is carefully implemented. Main responsibility for food safety, strengthen self-examination and self-correction in school cafeterias. In the case of inadequate flies and rodent prevention facilities, incomplete disinfection records, and inadequate food safety management issues discovered during the inspection, the inspectors requested immediate rectification on the spot, and would “look back” at any time to urge the implementation of rectification.

   As of February 23, the bureau has dispatched 166 law enforcement officers and coordinators to conduct a major inspection of 83 schools and kindergartens that are about to resume classes. In the next step, the bureau will continue to carry out this work, increase the frequency of supervision and the investigation and punishment of illegal acts, and effectively guarantee the food safety of teachers and students during the epidemic.