Hefei Changfeng County Market Supervision Bureau”six hundred percent” to ensure food safety in the spring school
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   At the beginning of the spring of 2021, the Market Supervision Bureau of Hefei Changfeng County will effectively improve its political position, fully understand the importance of campus food safety work, and launch the spring in a timely and comprehensive manner Open food safety inspections in school canteens, strictly observe the bottom line of food safety on campus, and provide food security for the smooth start of the 2021 spring semester.

   The 15 territorial market supervision offices throughout the county have launched a week-long special supervision and inspection work to strictly control food materials, hygiene, personnel, and management.”Four Passes”, supervise and investigate food raw materials, cleaning and disinfection of catering utensils, thorough inspections of personnel health, and fully launch the”Smart Supervision” platform daily entry work to ensure that 100%of expired and deteriorated raw materials are cleared, 100%of hidden health hazards are cleared, and personnel are healthy 100%guarantee, 100%implementation of disinfection and retention samples, 100%rectification of inspection problems, and 100%use of the smart platform, to lay a solid foundation for safety with work”six hundred percent”. Up to now, the county has inspected a total of 82 primary and secondary schools, kindergartens (including nursing points) and school canteens, and 24 problems have been found, all of which have been rectified.

   Spring school food safety assurance work is still in progress. The county bureau will continue to focus on the theme of safety, grasp the main line of supervision, focus on the main body of the meal, and practice The main responsibility is to supervise and escort the food safety on campus, and help teachers and students in the county to”run” all the way.