Hebi City Market Supervision Administration launched a special action to improve the quality and safety of liquor production
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   In order to further standardize the behaviors of Liquor production enterprises in Hebi City and comprehensively improve the quality and safety of liquor production in our city, since January, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has comprehensively carried out the quality and safety of liquor production. Standardize promotion actions.

   One is to supervise and urge liquor production enterprises to strictly implement their main responsibilities. Supervise and urge enterprises to strictly implement systems and personnel management, and allocate food safety technical personnel and management personnel; strictly control the production process, improve key link control measures and operational responsibility specifications; strictly prevent plasticizer pollution, strictly inspect raw materials and produce process products Control management and other key links to prevent liquor exceeding the standard of plasticizer from entering the market; strengthen factory inspection and testing, implement a factory inspection record system, and those that fail to pass the inspection shall not be sold.

   The second is to strengthen the supervision and management of liquor quality and safety. Full coverage of the supervision and inspection of certified liquor production enterprises, focusing on the inspection of raw and auxiliary materials, production environment conditions, quality control management, factory inspection, sales records and other key links, and supervise the enterprises to continue to meet the production license conditions; strictly check the production of small wine workshops Liquor-related illegal activities, comprehensively clean up small workshops (black dens) producing liquor; severely crack down on illegal activities such as unlicensed production, production and sales of fake and inferior liquors, and once found to be severely dealt with in accordance with the law and suspected of crimes, they will be promptly transferred to public security organs for criminal investigation responsibility.

   The third is to create a strong atmosphere of safe liquor governance and sharing. Sort out the city’s thinking about the game of chess, strengthen the coordination between the top and bottom of the work, and ensure that the improvement of the liquor industry’s specifications is effective. Fully embody the word”strict”, adhere to strict supervision, severe punishment, timely acceptance of counterfeit and inferior alcoholic products reports and complaints, timely response to social concerns, and timely disclosure of administrative punishment cases; promote social governance and extensively publicize liquor quality and safety improvement actions, Propagate knowledge of laws and regulations, identify and defend fake knowledge, create a strong atmosphere of public opinion on food safety, and mobilize the whole society to participate.

   As of now, the city’s market supervision system has dispatched a total of 45 supervision and law enforcement personnel, inspected 42 alcohol production enterprises (small workshops), and issued a notice of responsibility correction 9 In order to correct 13 hidden dangers, the liquor production market in our city has been further standardized and improved.