Harbin Market Supervision Bureau Food Safety Supervision Sampling Inspection Notice (Phase 1 of 2021)
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In order to effectively ensure food safety during the”Spring Festival and Lantern Festival”, the Harbin Municipal Market Supervision Administration formulated the”Food Safety Longjiang” food safety sampling plan, and carried out supervision and sampling inspections on the food supplied during the festival. This time, a total of 376 batches of food were sampled. , All qualified after inspection. The specific situation is announced as follows:

  200 batches of food production, all of them passed the inspection. Among them:39 batches of processed food products, 20 batches of edible oil, fat and their products, 10 batches of condiments, 17 batches of meat products, 28 batches of beverages, 35 batches of alcoholic beverages, 10 batches of confectionery products, and pastries 14 batches, 17 batches of quick-frozen food (7 batches of glutinous rice balls), 3 batches of frozen drinks, and 7 batches of vegetable products.
   80 batches of food circulation, all passed the inspection. Among them:50 batches of quick-frozen food (yuanxiao and glutinous rice balls), 10 batches of wheat flour, 10 batches of other processed food products, and 10 batches of dried noodles.
   96 batches of edible agricultural products, all passed the inspection. Among them:28 batches of livestock and poultry meat and by-products, 24 batches of aquatic products, 6 batches of fresh eggs, 29 batches of vegetables, and 9 batches of fruits.
  Special reminders to consumers, please call the local 12315 complaint and report hotline for complaints or reports when they purchase or find substandard food in the market.
   hereby announce.
  Harbin Market Supervision Administration
   February 10, 2021