Handan Yongnian District Bureau launches special inspection of food safety during Lantern Festival
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   The Lantern Festival is approaching. In order to do a good job in the supervision of food safety during the Lantern Festival, on February 24, the Market Supervision Bureau of Yongnian District, Handan City organized the supervision of supermarkets and wholesale Special inspections of food safety are carried out for Lantern Festival and Tangyuan in markets and food distribution stores.

   This inspection focused on checking whether the storage temperature of each food counter meets the specifications, whether the food packaging is complete, whether the production date and shelf life are indicated, and whether the certificate and ticket request are complete , Whether the purchase inspection system is in place, whether the goods sold have valid quality inspection reports and supplier qualifications, etc. Efforts should be made to rectify the problems of unqualified quality, low quality and high price in operation that damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and resolutely investigate and deal with illegal activities such as unqualified production and sale of low-quality Lantern Festival food.

   Yongnian District Market Supervision Bureau reminds consumers:During the holiday season, please try your best to buy relevant food from shopping malls, supermarkets and food distribution stores with complete licenses and good reputation, such as If you find a food safety problem, please keep the original state of the food in question and relevant vouchers such as consumer receipts, and call the 12315 service hotline in time for complaints and reports.