Hainan Provincial Market Supervision Department Strictly Investigate Problem”Brown Sugar”
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   On February 1, 2021, according to public reports and media reports, the market supervision department immediately organized law enforcement forces to deal with the problem”Brown Sugar” involved in the business entity Haikou Longhua Tiantian The sugar firm and the products involved in the case investigated. The firm was suspected of counterfeiting the factory name of another person and not marking the production date.

   As of February 22, a total of 30050 kg of”brown sugar” has been investigated and detained, 90 packets of raw materials, and one processing equipment; interviewed Haikou Coconut Sea Grain and Oil Wholesale Market The person in charge of 51 grain and oil business enterprises requires them to operate strictly in accordance with laws and regulations; it has been found that 150 packs (specification 50kg/pack) and 249 packs (specification 25kg/pack) of the products involved in the case have mostly flowed to agricultural planting and breeding. No flow to the dining table has been found. In order to prevent the recurrence of such problems and ensure the people’s”tip of safety”, the market supervision department will continue to track the whereabouts of the remaining small number of products involved, and conduct interviews with the province’s grain, oil and food market operators and market operators, and urge them to be strict Implement the main responsibility of the company’s food safety. At the same time, strengthen the province’s daily supervision of food production, circulation, and catering, organize and carry out inspections of brown sugar raw materials used by catering shops, cake shops, tea shops and small food production and processing workshops in the province, and comprehensively identify hidden dangers. If one is found to be investigated and dealt with and suspected of constituting a crime, it shall be transferred to the public security organ for handling.

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  2. On October 1, 2015, the”Measures for the Administration of Food Production Licenses” (hereinafter referred to as the”Measures”) came into effect. The”Measures” clearly stipulates that newly certified food producers should mark the new food production license number”SC” plus 14 Arabic numerals on the food packaging or label, and no longer mark the”QS” mark. In order to avoid waste of packaging materials and food labels for food producers, the”Measures” give producers a transition period of no more than three years, that is, foods produced on and after October 1, 2018 are not allowed to continue the”QS” mark.