Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued consumer tips on Lantern Festival
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   The annual Lantern Festival is approaching. As a traditional food, Yuanxiao (Tangyuan) is one of the main consumer foods during the Lantern Festival. In order to ensure that the broad masses of the people enjoy a healthy, safe, happy and peaceful holiday, the Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau organized a sample of 65 food production, distribution, and catering links in the province in accordance with the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other relevant regulations. Lots of Lantern Festival (glutinous rice balls) samples are subject to supervision and random inspection. The inspection items include peroxide value (calculated by fatty acid), lead (calculated by Pb), sodium saccharin (calculated by saccharin), etc.
  Sampling inspection results show:65 batches of samples are in compliance with relevant national food safety standards, and no unqualified samples have been detected. Currently, most of the products sold in the market are quick-frozen yuanxiao (tangyuan). What matters should be paid attention to in the process of purchasing, cooking, storing and eating yuanxiao (tangyuan)? In this regard, the Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau warmly reminds you as follows.
  One, it is important to choose carefully
   Consumers are advised to buy Lantern Festival (Tangyuan) at regular food sales places or channels such as supermarkets, and they need to carefully check whether the contents of the food label on the package are complete and complete. In accordance with the requirements of relevant national standards, the labeling of prepackaged foods directly provided to consumers should include:food name, ingredient list, net content and specifications, producer and (or) distributor’s name, address and contact information, production date and Nine items such as shelf life, storage conditions, food production license number, product standard code, and other items that need to be marked. Don’t buy or eat the Lantern Festival (Tangyuan) without labels or with incomplete label information, unclear content, cover up, reprint or tamper with the label.
  1. When buying fresh Lantern Festival (Tangyuan), the appearance should be bright in color. If the color is dim, gray, mildew, glutinous rice flour turns red (except with red powder), it means glutinous rice The quality of the flour is poor or the storage time is too long; the smell should have the aroma of glutinous rice flour and fillings, and there should be no musty, rancidity, hala and other peculiar smells. It is recommended to try to choose the Lantern Festival (Tang Yuan) made on the day.
  2. When purchasing quick-frozen Lantern Festival (Dumplings), you should choose a product with no ice residue in the packaging bag, uniform color, bright, no obvious adhesion, complete shape, no cracks, obvious cracks or powder removal. The ingredients of Yuanxiao (Tangyuan) may contain allergic foods and their products. Consumers should carefully check the ingredient list when purchasing, and whether there is any prompt information in the vicinity of the ingredient list, understand the usage of the ingredients of the product, and then decide which one to buy Kinds of products.
  Second, reasonable eating is healthier
   Yuanxiao (Tangyuan) is a starch-rich grain food. It is recommended to reduce the intake of other staple foods accordingly.
  The sticky glutinous rice becomes hard and tastes worse after cooling, so it is best to enjoy it while it is hot. The content of sugar and oil in Yuanxiao (tangyuan) is relatively high, and it is not easy to digest. Too much consumption at one time may cause stomach upset. Glutinous rice is a high-glycemic index food. For people with diabetes and hyperlipidemia, even if it is sugar-free Lantern Festival (tangyuan), it is recommended to eat as little as possible. In addition, you can eat some vegetables or protein-rich foods before eating Yuanxiao (Tangyuan), which will help reduce the blood sugar response after meals.
  3. Careful storage is more appropriate
  1. The homemade Lantern Festival (Tangyuan) can be directly put into the quick-freezing compartment of the refrigerator, and after being chilled, it can be divided into impervious food bags for storage and frozen to avoid cross-contamination. Take out the food once before eating and put it in a boiling water pot without thawing. Since the storage temperature of household refrigerators is not easy to accurately control, it is recommended that the homemade Yuanxiao (Tangyuan) be consumed as soon as possible.
  2. The purchased quick-frozen Lantern Festival (Tangyuan) should be stored in accordance with the storage conditions (generally required to be stored at -18°C) and should not be stored in the refrigerator for a long time to prevent rancidity.
  Four. Attention to epidemic prevention
   Consumers need to pay attention to relevant information such as the origin, source, and quarantine of imported food. Wear disposable gloves when choosing to avoid direct contact with your hands. For overseas shopping and purchasing products from overseas countries or regions, you must pay attention to the customs food quarantine information and do a good job of disinfecting the outer packaging.
   Clean and disinfect your hands promptly after shopping, and avoid touching the mouth, nose, eyes and other parts with your hands before washing your hands. Supermarkets and shopping malls have a large passenger flow, so be sure to wear masks throughout the journey, reduce your stay in crowded places such as supermarkets or shopping malls, and try to avoid visiting during peak hours.