Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau Announcement on the Analysis of Food Safety Supervision and Sampling Inspection in January 2021 (No. 1 of 2021)
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   From January 1 to January 31, 2021, 3325 batches of food and edible agricultural products were sampled in the province, 3235 batches of all qualified samples were inspected, and 90 batches of unqualified samples were detected. The overall pass rate of the samples 97.29%.
   Among the 90 batches of unqualified samples, the main unqualified indicators involved are pesticide and veterinary drug residues, over-range/over-limit use of food additives, heavy metal and other element pollution, microbial contamination, quality indicators, etc. Among them:pesticide and veterinary drug residues exceeded the standard accounted for 10.87%; the use of food additives that exceeded the scope and limit accounted for 25.00%; the pollution of heavy metals and other elements exceeded the standard accounted for 11.96%; the microbial pollution exceeded the standard accounted for 46.74%; the quality index accounted for 5.43%. See the attachment for the announcement of the results of various food supervision and random inspections.
   Remarks:The sampling qualification rate is directly related to the measurement base and the sample size. The sampling qualification rate of a certain batch or stage cannot directly determine the overall quality status of this type of product. Sampling inspection information needs to be sampled, tested, and statutory inspection reports are issued. The re-inspection period has reached the legal time limit and will be announced after verification according to procedures. Therefore, the pass rate in the appendix has been announced this month, and it does not represent the annual supervision of this type of product. Sampling pass rate.
   February 25, 2021