Guilin Deputy Mayor Long Xinghua led a team to investigate epidemic prevention and control and food safety during the Spring Festival
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   On February 8, 2021, Guilin Deputy Mayor Long Xinghua led a team to conduct inspections and investigations on food safety and material supply during the holiday season. The leaders of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce were accompanied.
  Long Xinghua and his entourage successively visited the Jiuhuashan Muslim Cattle Farm, Smile Hall, and the Wal-Mart Supermarket in Vientiane City to check and inquire about the epidemic prevention and control, food safety, and the supply of important livelihood commodities. In the imported cold chain food sales area of ​​the supermarket, Long Xinghua listened to reports from the head of the company and the law enforcement officers of the Market Supervision Bureau, and asked with concern about the measures taken to prevent and control the epidemic of imported cold chain food, and carefully reviewed the”Bagui Cold Chain”Through” traceability system usage. Long Xinghua fully affirmed the powerful measures taken by the Market Supervision Bureau in epidemic prevention and control and food safety assurance.
   Epidemic Prevention and Control
   Long Xinghua requires the person in charge of the enterprise to implement the main responsibility, the supervisory department to intensify the inspection, continue to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic in key links, continue to strictly control the epidemic prevention and control of imported cold chain food, and strictly control the food Safety and quality control, to ensure sufficient market supply, to ensure that the people can buy and eat with confidence, and spend a safe, joyous and peaceful Spring Festival.