Guilin City Market Supervision Bureau:Carry out special food safety inspections before the Spring Festival
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  The Spring Festival is approaching. In order to further regulate the order of the special food market and ensure the safety of special food consumption during the holiday season, the Guilin City Market Supervision Bureau has recently organized and carried out special food safety inspections before the holiday.
   Combining the current epidemic prevention and control situation, the bureau focuses on medical institutions and health food specialty stores.
  Check whether the contents of the labels and instructions of the health food are authentic and whether they are consistent with the contents of the registration or filing;
  Secondly check whether the company has set up special food areas and counters, and at the same time indicate the words”health food sales area”,”infant formula food sales area”,”special medical formula food sales area” and other words in conspicuous positions of the special food areas and counters. It also requires operating companies to make consumption reminders that”health foods are not medicines and cannot replace medicines”;
   Three checks on the”one product, one code” of infant formula milk powder and whether there are problems such as operating counterfeit, inferior or expired special foods.
   Strengthen publicity and education through broadcasting, WeChat and other platforms to ensure the implementation of measures, vigorously urge operators to strengthen the awareness of legal and honest operation, implement the purchase inspection and certificate request system to ensure the traceability of product sources and legal channels. At the same time, operators are urged to implement regular disinfection in the store, and prevent epidemic prevention measures such as wearing masks, measuring body temperature, and scanning health codes for personnel entering the store, and further weave a dense epidemic prevention and control network.