Guangzhou police launched a special operation to combat the crime of producing and selling counterfeit wine
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   smashed 36 counterfeit dimples

  The amount involved exceeds 130 million yuan

   The Press Office of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau reported on February 10:Recently, in order to ensure the “safety on the tip of the tongue” of the public during the Spring Festival, the Guangzhou police took the initiative and acted actively , Through information analysis and judgment and intelligent investigation methods, organized a large corps to fight against the crime of producing and selling counterfeit liquor, and carried out a special crackdown code-named”Rain”. During the operation, a total of 36 counterfeit dimples were destroyed, 20 criminal gangs were destroyed, 62 criminal suspects were arrested, of which 56 were criminally detained according to law; a total of 14,800 counterfeit liquors, foreign wines and red wines of various well-known brands were seized. Bottles, various packaging materials, raw materials, and a batch of production machines. After preliminary verification, the gang’s sales network covers many provinces across the country, and the cumulative amount involved exceeds 130 million yuan. According to reports, the Guangzhou police is currently launching a special campaign against illegal and criminal activities in the food sector at the end of the year. Since the launch in January this year, a total of 46 illegal and criminal cases in the food sector have been cracked and 109 people have been detained in accordance with the law.

  Data empowerment

  The police took the initiative to investigate and brought out a huge geopolitical gang producing and selling fake liquor

   In recent years, in order to achieve an in-depth crackdown on food-related crimes and comprehensive rectification, the Food, Drug and Environmental Investigation Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the accumulation of information and data in related industries , To comprehensively strengthen the intelligent construction of big data and the level of scientific and technological information operations, effectively improve the quality of the public security organs to independently detect and dig into food crimes, and initially realize the full chain of crackdowns on food crimes and the full-field rectification of outstanding risks Work goals. At the end of 2020, the Food and Drug Environmental Investigation Division of the Municipal Public Security Bureau focused on the hot alcohol purchase and sales market at the end of the year and the beginning of the year and the outstanding safety risks, and actively cooperated with an Internet company to build a key personnel model for alcohol-related crimes, using the data, information, and lines of past solved cases. Compare online and offline counterfeit wine transaction data to capture risk factors in the wine industry. At the same time, a comprehensive analysis and judgment based on key regional population, key regional delivery logistics, packaging material production and sales, communication, capital flow and other data are carried out, and a family-style and geographical system headed by Liu is entrenched in Wuxianqiao and surrounding areas in Guangzhou. A gang selling fake liquor. After investigating the gang, the police found that it has formed a complete black interest chain for the production and sale of counterfeit wine, including packaging material production, coding and labeling, filling and blending, den leasing, logistics delivery, commercial wholesale, and entertainment sales. At the same time, as many as hundreds of criminal suspects in different roles were found in Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan and other Pearl River Delta regions.

  Project management

   lock the upstream and downstream criminal network members one by one

   After the criminal network was discovered, the Municipal Public Security Bureau attached great importance to it. The main leaders clearly demanded that full coverage, all links, and all elements must be cracked down to completely eradicate the manufacture and sale of counterfeit products. In the wine black industry chain, a task force was established with the deputy director in charge as the team leader to mobilize multiple police types and multiple departments to carry out investigations.

   Wuxianqiao Chengzhong Village is located at the junction of Tianhe District and Baiyun District. The village has many houses, narrow roads, and complex terrain, which provide the area for the formation of a counterfeit wine production chain. Natural geographical conditions. In addition, there are a large number of rental houses in this area, with a large population flow, and comprehensive management and control is difficult. In recent years, the sources of illegal crimes in the production and sale of counterfeit liquor in Guangzhou are mostly directed to this area. Individual counterfeit liquor gangs have been entrenched in the Wuxianqiao area for many years and are very familiar with the local terrain and personnel.

   In order to find out the law of operation of the entire criminal network and the situation of the main personnel, the task force integrated intelligent investigation and traditional investigation methods, on the one hand, it sent multiple police forces to The key suspects in the area are deployed, controlled and tracked. At the same time, a variety of traditional investigation methods are used to in-depth investigations in the area, and advanced equipment such as drones are used to conduct investigations. On the other hand, a capable police force is arranged to conduct real-time comprehensive analysis and judgment on a large amount of suspects’ information, clarify the identity information and roles of each person, and find out the situation of every link in the black industry chain. After more than a month of hard work, the task force has basically figured out the organizational structure of 15 criminal gangs headed by Liu, Zhao, Zhang, Jiang, Rui, etc., and the exact addresses of production dens and warehouses. As well as the channels and methods of selling fake wine, they are fully prepared for the unified network collection.

   Corps combat

  Continuous strikes to cut off the production chain of counterfeit wine

  In early January, the task force basically found out the criminal chain of producing and selling counterfeit wine in the region, and grasped that it was preparing to take advantage of the strong demand for the wine market on the eve of the Spring Festival. Ships in large quantities at the time. After research, the task force decided to carry out the network closing operation. The project spans multiple cities, involves a large number of people and most of them are from the same township, and it is easy to inform each other. To this end, the task force actively sought support from the Food, Drug and Environmental Investigation Bureau of the Provincial Public Security Bureau. Under the coordination of the Food, Drug, Environmental and Environmental Investigation Bureau, the task force deployed investigative forces to rush to the area of ​​the case in advance, and cooperated with the local police to conduct investigations to ensure all suspects. All in control.

   On the evening of January 7, the Municipal Public Security Bureau established a headquarters to mobilize a large number of police forces from various police types and district public security sub-bureaus. Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Qingyuan and other prefectures and cities launched a special crackdown code-named”Rainbow”, destroying 28 counterfeit dimples, knocking out 15 criminal gangs, and arresting 46 criminal suspects, including criminal detention in accordance with the law. 42 persons; about 12,700 bottles of various types of fake wine were seized, and the total amount involved exceeded 120 million yuan.

   After digging and expanding the line, from January 22 to 28, the Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out the second phase of the”storm” special operation to close the network and destroy the system 8 fake dimples were sold, 5 criminal gangs were destroyed, 16 suspects were arrested, 14 criminals were detained in accordance with the law, more than 2,000 bottles of various types of fake wine were seized, and a large number of production tools and packaging materials were involved. The amount involved was about 12 million. yuan.

   In this special operation, the police eliminated the black industrial chain of producing and selling counterfeit wine that has been active in the Pearl River Delta for a long time in all aspects, elements, and chains. In addition to arresting suspects directly involved in the production and sale of counterfeit wines, 2 couriers suspected of facilitating the production and sale of counterfeit wines, 2 logistics drivers and 3 suspects purchasing and selling fake wines in entertainment venues were also criminally detained in accordance with the law. name.

  Police reminder

   The citizens must purchase alcohol through formal channels. Don’t lose money because of the greed for cheap. Pay attention to the relevant documents and vouchers during the purchase of alcohol. If you find that you have purchased fake wine, you should report it to the relevant department in time. Do not provide assistance or cover for illegal crimes for petty gains, otherwise you will be punished by law.