Guangzhou Customs guarantees fast clearance of food for Hong Kong and Macau during the Spring Festival
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   Spring Festival is a holiday for family reunion, and the deliciousness of the tongue adds to the happiness of reunion. According to the statistics of Guangzhou Customs, in the first month of the new year, the customs has accumulated 13,000 batches of food and agricultural products for Hong Kong and Macao, with a value of 480 million yuan.

   at the end of the evening, the chilled poultry embarks on the fast customs clearance road

  , at one o’clock at midnight, in a quiet suburb of Yunfu, the lights in Wen’s Jiarun Foods Co., Ltd. are lit up everywhere, and the workers are busy slaughtering the fresh ones. Chilled chicken hits a packing cart. After 6 hours, these chilled chickens that have passed the quarantine inspection will be put on the shelves of supermarkets in Hong Kong and Macau for the public to buy.

   In response to the high requirements for customs clearance time for fresh products supplied to Hong Kong and Macau, Guangzhou Customs has opened up a”green channel” and implemented 24-hour customs clearance appointments to ensure priority inspection and priority Detection and priority release.”Guangzhou Customs arranges a dedicated person to guide us to standardize declarations, review relevant information and certificates as soon as possible, issue veterinary (hygiene) certificates and go through customs clearance procedures for qualified poultry meat, and guarantee’zero delay’ to supply Hong Kong and Macao fresh products on the same day Directly.” said Liang Jinwo, manager of the Hong Kong and Macau marketing department of Wen’s Jiarun Food Co., Ltd.

   In order to ensure the safety, hygiene and quality of food and agricultural products for Hong Kong and Macao, Guangzhou Customs helps companies establish a sound and scientific and efficient food safety supervision system, and carry out bird flu on breeding plants and processing plants. Risk investigation for full coverage of the epidemic.”Since 2021, Guangzhou Customs has quarantined and supervised more than 5,700 tons of poultry products for Hong Kong and Macau, with a value of more than 130 million yuan. We have carried out strict safety and health risk inspections on Hong Kong and Macau farms in our jurisdiction to ensure that Hong Kong and Macau compatriots can eat assured food. Have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.” said Liu Linlin, head of the Comprehensive Section of the Import and Export Food Safety Department of Guangzhou Customs.

  Fresh and high-quality vegetables stable output strong>

   Every morning, workers from Zhaoqing Quanfa Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. work in the Shuangluchang Vegetable Base in Lengkeng Town, Huaiji County. They put baskets Pick and process vegetables such as cabbage heart, lettuce, kale and other seasonal vegetables neatly, packed, and loaded on a transport truck. After passing the customs inspection, these vegetables quickly cleared customs to go to major markets in Hong Kong and became the fresh ingredients for Hong Kong citizens to”side-burn”.

  ”Bounded Stove” is the most traditional Cantonese hot pot. People in the Pearl River Delta region are most looking forward to dinner gatherings in winter. Every Spring Festival, they frequently appear in the form of New Year dishes. On the dining table of thousands of families. According to data from previous years, the demand for fresh vegetables in Hong Kong and Macau during the Spring Festival will increase by about 10%. Affected by the continuous low temperature weather in the north, the important task of supplying Hong Kong and Macau vegetables in winter and spring mainly lies in Guangdong and surrounding provinces.”We currently have 4-5 trucks of vegetables shipped to Hong Kong every day. The sales volume of vegetables supplied to Hong Kong in January this year increased by 37.7%compared with December 2020.” Luo Ge, deputy general manager of Zhaoqing Quanfa Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. introduced.

  ”We have visited the vegetable planting bases for Hong Kong many times. Keep an account for each field to record the planting varieties of vegetables, the occurrence and prevention of diseases and insect pests, and agriculture The use of inputs, etc., and at the same time guide the base staff to do a good job of pesticide residue testing, to avoid harvesting vegetables that have not passed the safety period of pesticide application.” Zhao Tie, a member of the Inspection Division of Zhaoqing Customs, introduced.

  ”At present, there are 79 vegetable planting bases for Hong Kong and Macao and 15 production and processing companies in the Guangzhou Customs District. We have taken measures to help companies overcome the volatile climate in winter and spring The double test of the epidemic and the epidemic ensures that enterprises can produce and export normally, and strongly support the supply of vegetables to Hong Kong and Macao.” said Mo Weien, head of the qualification management section of the Enterprise Management Office of Guangzhou Customs. According to statistics, since the beginning of this year, Guangzhou Customs has provided 338.5 tons of vegetables to Hong Kong and Macau under quarantine supervision, with a value of approximately RMB 5.547 million.

   celebrates all the holidays, send the blessing of”more than one year”

   Under the warm winter sun, it is located in the Rongsheng breeding base in Shisanyong, Nansha District, Guangzhou. The fish ponds for Hong Kong and Macao live fish farming are arranged neatly and the water is clear. , Sparkling, eels, bighead carp and other different kinds of fish jump out of the water from time to time to show joy, full of vitality.

   Rongsheng Breeding Base is the main breeding and shipping base for live fish to Hong Kong and Macau in Guangzhou, and it is also one of the 10 live fish farms for Hong Kong and Macau in the Nansha area. Every day, large quantities of live fish are sent from here to Hong Kong, Macau, East Asia, Southeast Asia and other places.

  ”During the Spring Festival, a large number of pond fish are exported. When we are busy, even drinking saliva is a stitch.” said Li Li, a member of the Nansha Customs Inspection Division. Quickly grab an eel and put it into the sampling bag. She and her colleagues carefully checked whether the on-site environment, water quality, waste, etc. are safe and sanitary, checked the enterprise’s input accounts for seedlings, feed, medicines, etc., and checked the records in the inspection and quarantine supervision manual of the export aquatic animal registration farm. Need to send samples for laboratory testing for sampling.

  ”Customs officers are more busy during the holidays and festivals. We work hard together to ensure supply and send the blessings of”more than every year” to compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao!” Rong Sheng Liang Fuyou, the person in charge of the breeding base, said. According to statistics, since this year, Guangzhou Customs has quarantined and supervised 725.9 tons of live fish, worth 27.372 million yuan.