Guangxi announces the 13th phase of food safety supervision sampling information, 1 batch of deep-fried dough sticks detected excessive aluminum
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  Food Partner Network News On February 4, the Market Supervision Administration of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region announced the 13th phase of food safety supervision sampling information. Recently, the bureau organized food safety supervision and random inspections, sampling 79 batches of catering food and edible agricultural products, and one batch of catering food was found to be unqualified.
  The unqualified sample is:”Youtiao” sold at Ren’s Baozi Store in Pingle County. The unqualified item is:the residual amount of aluminum (dry sample, calculated as Al).
  Potassium aluminum sulfate (also known as potassium alum), aluminum ammonium sulfate (also known as ammonium alum) are commonly used food additives in food processing, and aluminum residues will be produced after use. The”National Food Safety Standard Food Additives Use Standard” (GB 2760—2014) stipulates that potassium aluminum sulfate and ammonium aluminum sulfate can be used as leavening agents and stabilizers in appropriate amounts for fried noodles according to production needs. The residual amount of aluminum ( Dry sample, calculated as Al) ≤100mg/kg. Long-term intake of foods with excessive aluminum residues may affect the body’s absorption of nutrients such as iron and calcium, leading to osteoporosis, anemia, etc., and even affecting the development of nerve cells.
   For the unqualified products found in the random inspection, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau has instructed the local market supervision department to immediately organize the verification and disposal related work. The Guilin Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has urged relevant units in the food business link to immediately take measures such as removing the shelves to control risks. The relevant market supervision department shall report to the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau the verification and disposal status within 3 months from the date of the announcement, and announce it to the public.
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Food Safety Supervision Sampling Information Notice (2021 Issue 13) Unqualified Sample Information
Serial number
Nominal manufacturer name
Nominal manufacturing company address
sampled unit
Address of sampled unit
Production (purchase) date/batch number
Unqualified items║inspection result║standard value
Inspection agency
Pingle County Ren’s Baozi Store
No. 36, Zhengbei Street, Pingle Town, Pingle County
You Tiao
The residual amount of aluminum (dry sample, calculated as Al)║736mg/kg║≤100mg/kg
Guangxi Institute of Product Quality Inspection
(Source:Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Market Supervision Administration< /span>)

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