Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration issued a consumer reminder:Beware of food poisoning caused by eating puffer fish and jellyfish
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  Recently, food poisoning or suspected food poisoning incidents caused by household consumption of puffer fish and jellyfish in individual areas in Guangdong Province. The Spring Festival is approaching, and in this happy festival of family and friends reunion, in order to avoid similar incidents, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued a consumer reminder as follows:

   puffer fish, because it contains tetrodotoxin, is easily poisoned after eating, which leads to nerve paralysis, and then dizziness, vomiting, numbness of lips and fingers, general weakness and other symptoms, which are serious Those are life-threatening. There is currently no specific antidote and treatment.

   In order to avoid poisoning by eating puffer fish, consumers should remember not to buy, catch and eat wild puffer fish, and do not buy or eat enterprises that have not been approved by the state Processed whole puffer fish.

   sea jellyfish, also known as jellyfish, is a marine invertebrate zooplankton, about 200 species are known. In the preliminary epidemiological investigation and analysis of suspected poisoning cases caused by the consumption of jellyfish in our province in recent days, there may be toxins in jellyfish that may cause numbness of the lips, numbness of hands and feet, weakness of limbs, dizziness and other suspected symptoms of poisoning. Consumers are advised not to try fresh, not to be greedy, and not to eat jellyfish, wild mushrooms, fresh daylily, snails and some products that may be toxic or have parasite risks.

   Here, we also remind consumers that it is forbidden to eat national key protected wild animals and other terrestrial wild animals, including artificially bred and artificially raised terrestrial wild animals Animals and other wild animals that are prohibited by relevant laws; it is forbidden to eat wild animals in the name of livestock and poultry; it is forbidden to eat”Yangtze River Wild Fish”,”Yangtze River White Fish”,”Yangtze River Catfish” and other Yangtze River banned catches, and jointly protect Yangtze River mothers River.

   Special reminder:First, pay attention to the signs of food poisoning. In the event of nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever and other uncomfortable reactions, you should immediately stop eating suspicious food and seek medical attention as soon as possible , And keep suspicious food; the second is to promptly report and complain. If you find any illegal food handling behavior, please call the complaint hotline”12345″ and”12315″ in time.