Gongyi City Market Supervision Administration Mihe Town Food and Drug Administration takes multiple measures to strengthen the safety supervision of the Spring Festival holiday market
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 Food Partners Network News As the Spring Festival is approaching, the population will be highly mobile, the gathering of people will increase, and the risk of epidemic prevention and control and food safety risks will increase. In order to ensure that the people in the jurisdiction enjoy a safe, peaceful and happy holiday, Gongyi The Municipal Market Supervision Administration Mihe Town Food and Drug Administration took multiple measures to strengthen market safety supervision during the Spring Festival.

   One is to highlight key points and strengthen supervision. Large and medium-sized supermarkets, large and medium-sized catering units are the key inspection objects, and rice and noodle products, edible oil, meat and meat products, vegetables and fruits, cold and ready-to-eat foods, alcohol, beverages, dairy products, soy products, etc. are the key inspection items. Supervise them to strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety, and earnestly implement food safety systems such as the health management of employees, food safety self-inspection, and purchase inspections, as well as food safety operation specifications for catering services.
   The second is to strictly investigate cold chain food. Check the number of cold storages in food circulation, operators of imported cold-chain food, catering service operators who purchase and use imported cold-chain food, and their employees. And strengthen daily supervision and inspection, supervise and urge merchants who sell and use imported cold chain food to implement the purchase inspection system, and use the”Yu cold chain” food traceability system to establish an imported cold chain food traceability system. At the same time, it is urged to do a good job in preventive disinfection of imported cold chain food, nucleic acid testing, protection of personnel contacting imported cold chain food, and health monitoring. Severely crack down on illegal acts in the sale and use of imported cold chain food.
   The third is to reinforce the main responsibility. While the normalization of epidemic prevention and control continues, the Food and Drug Administration of Mihe Town attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic during the Spring Festival and requires all large and medium-sized supermarkets, large and medium-sized catering units, pharmacies and other key places to further enhance their sense of responsibility and Sense of urgency, take normalized epidemic prevention and control measures such as disinfection in stores, temperature measurement by scanning codes, and setting of one-meter noodles. Increase the frequency of supervision and inspection of pharmacies in the jurisdiction, and implement the work strictly in accordance with the”Notice on the Prohibition of the Sale of Fever Treatment Drugs by Pharmaceutical Retail Enterprises in Rural Areas of Gongyi City”.
   As of now, the Mihe Town Food and Drug Administration has dispatched more than 30 law enforcement officers to inspect large and medium-sized supermarkets, large and medium-sized catering units, imported cold chain food sales and use units, and pharmacies for more than 100 times, and ordered the suspension of operations Reorganize 3 companies. The Food and Drug Administration of Mihe Town will continue to carry out market safety supervision and inspections during the Spring Festival holiday, focusing on food safety and epidemic prevention and control, and doing its best to protect the lives and health of the people in the jurisdiction. (Source:Mihe Town Food and Drug Administration)