Gansu Provincial Market Supervision Administration issued edible safety tips for poultry, livestock and by-products
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   New Year’s Eve is coming soon, a delicious and hearty New Year’s Eve meal cannot be separated from poultry meat. When eating agricultural products during the epidemic prevention and control period, pay special attention to safety and health.
   After slaughtering and processing of live animals (such as pigs, cattle, sheep, rabbits, etc.) and poultry (such as chickens, ducks, geese, etc.), meat that has not been frozen is fresh livestock and poultry; meat that is frozen at -18°C or less is frozen Livestock and poultry meat. The main problem that causes unsafe poultry meat and by-products is that the maximum residue limit of veterinary drugs exceeds the standard. Long-term consumption of food with excessive veterinary drug residues will cause a variety of acute and chronic poisonings to the human body when the concentration of the drug accumulated in the body reaches a certain amount. Therefore, the following four items should be paid attention to when purchasing and processing edible poultry meat and by-products:
  First, the sales location is the key, and qualified quarantine is guaranteed.
   When buying poultry and livestock meat and by-products, try to choose supermarkets or farmer’s markets with complete licenses and refrigeration equipment such as refrigerators and freezers. If the selling price is significantly lower than the ordinary market price, please purchase with caution to avoid being deceived. For imported meat, special attention must be paid during the epidemic. You can request and check the inspection and quarantine certificate of entry cargo.
  Second, the sensory indicators are finely distinguished, and the packaging signs should be paid attention to.
   When buying fresh livestock and poultry meat, carefully observe whether the sensory indicators are normal. At first glance, the fresh meat is shiny, the color is not dull or black, the surface is moist, the tissue is uniform, and the skin color is bright; the second smell, the fresh meat has no peculiar smell; the third touch, the surface of the fresh meat is slightly dry or moist , But not sticky, the depression will be restored immediately after pressing.
   When buying frozen livestock and poultry meat, you should focus on checking whether the operating temperature of the frozen display cabinet is normal. If there is packaging, you should choose products that are well-packaged, clearly marked, and within the warranty period, and avoid buying products that have thawed and become soft and have more frost in the packaging bag.
  3. The refrigeration and freezing must be timely, and it is best to buy and eat immediately.
  Different meats have different shelf life. For example, the shelf life of livestock meat is relatively long, and the shelf life of poultry meat is relatively short. Fresh and frozen livestock and poultry meat purchased should be cooked as soon as possible. If temporary storage is required, it should be packaged in a fresh-keeping bag or plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator. Fresh livestock and poultry meat should not be stored in the refrigerator freezer for more than 3 hours. Frozen storage or repeated thawing of livestock and poultry meat for a long time will result in lower edible quality and nutritional value. If frozen storage is required, cut into small pieces as much as possible, reduce storage time, and eat as soon as possible.
  Four, processing tools must be clean, cooking and heating must be cooked thoroughly.
   When processing livestock and poultry meat, the cutting board and knives must be cleaned, and the raw and cooked meat must be operated separately. When cooking livestock and poultry meat, the meat is fully heated from the outside to the inside to effectively kill the pathogenic microorganisms that may exist in the meat, and it can be eaten after it is fully cooked.