Gannan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Gannan Prefecture, Gansu holds a meeting to arrange and deploy the risk investigation and deployment of imported cold chain food epidemic prevention and control
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   On the morning of February 23, Deputy Director Li Baolin convened a special rectification team leader, deputy team leader and other 18 people to further arrange the deployment of imported cold chain food epidemic prevention and control risk investigation.
   The meeting requested that we should further investigate and rectify the epidemic prevention and control risks of imported cold chain food, consolidate the results of the previous phase, block the epidemic transmission channels, minimize the epidemic transmission risk, and effectively protect the lives and health of the people in the state.
   One is to divide the cooperation area into four areas and set up four special rectification teams to conduct full coverage inspections. All comprehensive markets for agricultural products, meat products operating supermarkets, refrigerators, cold chain logistics companies, and catering companies will be fully inspected.
   The second is to investigate whether cold chain food business units strictly implement the import cold chain food reporting system. Focus on checking the”five certificates” of imported cold chain food, namely customs declaration, entry cargo inspection and quarantine certificate, new crown test report, disinfection qualification certificate, and certificate of exit from the supervision warehouse; whether cold chain food operators implement vaccination and weekly nucleic acid testing.
   The third is to investigate whether the cold chain food business unit has implemented the purchase inspection and certificate request system. Focus on checking whether the purchase and sales account is established as required, whether the supplier’s qualifications are complete, and whether the”Gansu Province Food Safety Information Traceability Platform” is fully applied.
  Fourth, the team leaders and members strictly implement the requirements of cold chain food epidemic prevention and control, strictly and promptly investigate and deal with illegal operations of imported cold chain food in accordance with laws and regulations, and promptly and properly dispose of the items involved in administrative compulsory measures .